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Road Safety – City Development and Prosecutions and Casualty Prevention Unit

To receive and consider the attached report of the Director of City Development that introduces a verbal update on information regarding speeding and dangerous driving in the outer west area.



The report of the Director of City Development introduced a verbal update on information regarding speeding and dangerous driving in the outer west area.


The following were in attendance for this item:

·  Paul Jeffrey, Casualty Prevention Partnership

·  Andrew Richardson, LCC Highways


The Chair introduced the item, explaining the Committee requested the update due to the increasing number of incidents and fatalities in the Outer West Community Committee area, as well as problematic high powered vehicles on roads such as the A647.


Paul Jeffrey provided an overview of the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership, explaining that approximately 200,000 speed offence detections were issued in 2022; highlighting a significant speeding issue in West Yorkshire and numerous issues associated with non-compliance on roads.


Members were informed that The Department for Transport (DfT) precludes cameras being deployed ‘anywhere’ and is subject to national guidance. There are restricted criteria where traffic lights and speeding cameras can be placed. The West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership lobbied DfT to update and refresh guidance. However, to no avail. The Partnership has created guidance for West Yorkshire and the revised Deployment Strategy will be launched from Monday, 20th February 23. The Strategy aims to extend the reach of safety cameras and to look at preventable collision measures, as well as exploring new technologies.


Furthermore, it was explained that the mechanism in getting safety cameras is not the first point of resource for speeding issues and alternatives should be considered such as NPTs. Monies for speed cameras are generated from drivers eligible for speed awareness courses. Another issue identified is the inability to identify the driver in high powered vehicles, primarily due to cars being loaned; speed cameras do not address the issue and drivers are usually repeat offenders. Albeit there is an opportunity to expand on mechanisms to directly tackle fatalities.


The following matters were discussed:

·  The re-configuration of the A647 and increased speeding issues, particularly with high powered vehicles. It was confirmed that the determination of sites for cameras is not a police operation as part of the partnership arrangement. However, the new operation for technology will enable local authorities and enforcement to deal with the issues highlighted.

·  Upgrading Gatso speed cameras. Members were informed that there is cost limitations with upgrading all of the cameras at once, there is a programme in its third phase upgrading cameras which will replace 25 cameras. A traffic survey using traffic flow sensors will be undertaken to identify priority areas for the upgrades.

·  Elected members will be briefed on the revised Deployment Strategy on Monday, 20th February 2023.

·  Speed awareness courses offered to eligible drivers incorporate an interactive learning opportunity and will touch upon victim perspectives.

·  Parking infringements are a matter for the local authority. However, dangerous obstructions can be a police matter depending on each individual matter. Members were informed of ‘Operation Snap’, photographic evidence showing driving offences that can be submitted to West Yorkshire Police (WYP) online. Further to a specific parking issue raised by a member, it was suggested that the first point of call be the NPT to deal with the matter.

·  Tackling high performance vehicles. It was confirmed that the Partnership will seek to secure additional funding to increase patrol time for the Roads Policing Unit (RPU), on problematic roads. It was confirmed this is the best method to tackle this issue.

·  The Deployment Strategy does not replace DfT guidance but seeks to compliment future revised guidance and introduces set criteria for West Yorkshire.


RESOLVED – To note the verbal update and information provided at the meeting.


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