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Highways - Leeds Safe Roads Vision Zero

To receive the report of the Team Leader, Safe and Sustainable Travel which provides an understanding of the recently adopted Vision Zero Strategy and its actions plan and to gather input from Elected Members and residents.


The report from Safe and Sustainable Travel provided the Outer North West Community Committee with an understanding of the recently adopted Vision Zero Strategy and its action plan and to gather input from Elected Members and residents. The presentation provided the Committee Members with an understanding of the current road safety situation in their area.


The Community Committee were informed of the following points:

·  Until 2013 deaths and serious injuries from road crashes had been steadily falling. However, that decline has now plateaued and the steady rise in numbers since had led to a rethink and refresh to the Local Authority’s approach to road safety. The presentation highlighted the need for a new approach to road safety and an opportunity to enter into a dialogue as to what the Road Safety Team can do for each area, building on what had been offered in the past.

·  The Vision Zero Strategy and Action Plan was adopted by the Executive Board in September 2022. It is the ambition that no one will be killed or suffer serious injuries on roads in Leeds.

·  Traditionally road safety had talked about accidents, how to prevent fatalities and set out the reasons for accidents. However, the safe system approach now looks at system designers, road user hierarchy and a systematic approach to build a safer road system.

·  Although, there is an encouragement for people to use healthy options of travel such as walking and cycling, these are classed as vulnerable road users.

·  Everyone can assist in delivering a Vision Zero approach by taking responsibility to follow the Highway Code. The Council needs to lead by example and is looking at changes to road systems, traffic management, Transport Strategy, public health and education. Safe roads partnership includes West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, National Highways, National Health Service, Ambulance Service, Road Safety Charities. The safe roads partnership activities include Police Operations and enforcement – SPARC, SNAP, Amberland etc, National Highways, safety cameras. The proposal is for behaviour change campaigns and targeted communications.

·  The Vision Zero Safe System Pillars of Action are safe speeds, safe roads, safe vehicles, safe behaviours and people and post-collision learning and care.

·  It was noted that the Highway Code had been updated in 2022 and there were to be new criteria in relation to speed cameras which was being done nationally but Leeds was already in the process of making the changes.


Members discussions included:

·  Adding this item to the Youth Summit on 24th March.

·  Reduction of speed on roads in the Outer North West area specifically the stretch of Ring Road between Rodley Roundabout and Horsforth Roundabout.

·  Speed limits in residential areas specifically close to playgrounds and schools.

·  Use of Speed Indication Devices (SID’s)

·  The need for ongoing conversations between Ward Councillors and Highways Section.

·  More information in relation to the new nearside pedestrian crossing structures.

·  Targeted education in relation to new infrastructure including cycling.

·  The need for Police and Highways to make comments on planning applications.


Members were advised:

·  That training and educational talks had been provided to schools in the area.

·  The Police were on board with the Vision Zero Strategy

·  Work in relation to cyclists was on the agenda

·  Work was progressing for a more joined up approached between the Police and Highways Section.


Members suggested that Vision Zero should be a standard agenda item for the Transport Sub-Group.


RESOLVED - To note the contents of the report, presentation and

Vision Zero Strategy and Action plan.


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