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Transport Strategy Investment Plans Local Update

The report of the Chief Officer, Highways and Transportation presents a proposal for the development of community committee area focused action plans that draw together key funding proposals for new local area transport investment. And provides an introduction to a new Leeds Healthier Streets, Spaces and Communities project for local sustainable mobility and the plans for a roll out to community committee areas.


The report of the Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation) introduced an update on a focused action plan that draws together funding proposals for new local area transport investment. The report also complements previous briefings on other aspects of the highways and transportation service by providing an update on funding and changes to the project pipeline for transport strategy focused schemes at a local level.


Appended to the submitted report included a briefing paper on Better Places: Leeds Healthier Streets, Spaces and Communities and prospective sites for “pilot” schemes, Healthier Streets, Spaces and Communities.


Attending for this item were:

·  Andrew Hall (Project Consultant)

·  Gwyn Owen Principal Transport Planner


The Community Committee were provided with a PowerPoint presentation that covered the following points:

·  The main sources of funding for sustainable local area transport are received through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) through the government’s City Regions Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) and Active Travel England.

·  The proposed Local Area Transport Plans will be simple “informal” documents that set out key ambitions for mobility and transport investment for the wards in each community committee area.

·  The early development and scoping of the project has commenced to identify potential sites and priorities using the settlements listed in the Local Development Framework, with an initial focus on the larger towns and centres, with Kirkstall, Armley and Bramley highlighted as potential areas for the pilot schemes.

·  This is the initial stage of conversation, and it is intended that officers will attend additional Community Committee meetings to discuss in detail what will be incorporated into the Plan.

·  The introduction to a new Leeds Healthier Streets, Spaces and Communities project for local sustainable mobility and the plans for a roll out to community committee areas. Seeking to identify best use of the 6.2 million capital fund.


In response to questions from Members and members of the public the following information was provided:

·  Discussions will take place with Ward Members over the next few months to look at potential schemes for the area.

·  The ‘20 minute neighbourhood’ is a planning term used in relation to sustainable transport not requiring the use of a car, so looking at public transport, walking and cycling.

·  ‘Better Places’ relates to funding from West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) who fund schemes in relation to mobility hubs and bike clubs.

·  It was acknowledged that Armley Town Street already fits within the 20 minute neighbourhood thinking as it has access to shops, library, leisure facilities, and public transport links. However, some of the issues facing Armley are the type of shops on Town Street and Town street is not mobility aid friendly as there are no dropped kerbs. It was noted that all town centres and district centres would be considered to see which areas would benefit the most from the funding.

·  It was acknowledged that Armley had missed out previously on funding to improve the shopping area. It was noted that the areas who would get funding need to show a good community support for the scheme and would look at how residents currently use the facilities on offer. It would consider effect on local journeys, local demographics, sustainable businesses, walking and cycling modes. The decision would be made by Executive Members after analysing all information presented to them.

·  ‘Common Place’ is a communication product so communities can express views by letter, email and posts. More information can be accessed via Leeds City Council website and search Consultations.

·  Cllr Illingworth suggested two possible sites for funding as St Ann’s Mill and Red Cote Lane. These would provide better connectivity between the wards and provide opportunity for active travel and benefit for the local communities.


The Chair thanked the officers for their attendance and presentation.



a) Note the contents of the report and information provided at the meeting.

b) Endorse the proposals for the development of Area Local Transport Plans.

c) Note and comment on potential priorities for local schemes in the Leeds Healthier Streets, Spaces and Communities Project.

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