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Corporate Travel Plan

To receive the report of the Transport Development Services manager providing an update on the Corporate Travel Plan and proposed refresh.  


The Transport Development Services Manager submitted a report which updated the Committee on the progress of the Corporate Travel Plan (CTP).


In attendance were;

• Rachael Elliott – Travel Planning Team Leader, Influencing Travel Behaviour, Highways and Transportation

• Ewhen Chymera – Transport Planner, Travel Planning Team, Influencing Travel Behaviour, Highways and Transportation

• Gillian MacLeod (remotely) - Transport Development Services Manager, Highways and Transportation


The Travel Planning Team Leader introduced the report, which provided a history of the Corporate Travel Plan in Leeds City Council (LCC), and presented the Committee with the proposed refresh in order to bring the CTP into line with the Council’s commitment to reach net zero by 2030. As LCC is one of the biggest employers in Leeds, the intention is for the Council to lead by example.


The CTP was first adopted by the Council in 2005 and the current CTP was published in 2014. Since then, there have been changes to how LCC staff travel and work, such as the post pandemic move to working from home. In addition, there has been a rise in staff mileage in privately owned vehicles (“grey fleet”).


An achievement of the CTP has been a reduction of the number of staff driving alone to work, from 51% to 43%.


In alignment with Vision Zero, the target for there to be zero road related deaths or serious injuries on Leeds roads, the refreshed CTP will aim for there to be zero staff deaths or seriously injured on roads.


After the presentation there was a discussion session, highlights included;


The Committee discussed further analysis of the statistical evidence, such as travel modal shift and age demographics. Councillor P Carlill suggested that some of this analysis could be performed by the Scrutiny Board he chairs (Strategy & Resources) such as Directorate specific analysis.


The status of Member’s as LCC employees was discussed, with the Committee noting that the tax implications are beyond the Council’s powers. The necessity for Members to travel to Civic Hall in person for formal Committees, according to the 1972 Local Government Act was noted, as well as recent discussions that have been had within the Licensing Sub-Committee on allowing Members to attend remotely for film certification hearings.


The Committee discussed how LCC buildings, such as community hubs, could be utilised, such as improving hotdesking for local LCC staff, and installing EV chargers.


The Committee discussed the wider issue of public transport in West Yorkshire and how that impacts staff travel.

• The Committee discussed whether Leeds public transport is comparable to other similar cities within the UK and compared the levels of funding and self-organisation that London has been given.

• The Committee was informed by the Transport Development Services Manager that the soon to be installed e-Bike hire scheme (Leeds City Bikes) has provision for e-Scooters to be included, in the case that they are legalised.

• Car Clubs and car sharing was discussed, with the Enterprise Car Club  pay-as-you-go vehicles being available for book being highlighted. This has been promoted to staff, along with ride matching services.

• Further park and ride services are needed in East Leeds, but that work programme is managed by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.


The Chair noted that Directors who attend the Committee should include information regarding the CTP in their directorate.



a. The current position regarding the Corporate Travel Plan and staff travel is noted.

b. The production of a new Corporate Travel Plan and delivery across the Council is supported.

c. The production of an action plan which ensures the Council is seen to lead by example is supported.

d. The Committee recommends further statistical analysis regarding modal shift and age demographics within the staff population.

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