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PREAPP 23 00108 - Land at 4-23 George Street, Leeds

To receive and consider the attached repot of the Chief Planning Officer regarding a pre-application for the redevelopment of properties for a mix of uses, including new hotel (use Class C1) which will sit above a range of small commercial units including a (Use Class and Sui Generis) at ground floor level.


The report of the Chief Planning Officer informed Members of a pre-application regarding the redevelopment of properties for a mix of uses, including new hotel (Use Class C1), which will sit above a range of small commercial units including a gym (Use Class E and Sui Generis) at ground floor level at land at 4-23 George Street, Leeds.


Members attended the site prior to the meeting and site plans and photographs were displayed and referred to throughout the discussion of the proposals.


It was reported that there was a long term ambition to regenerate this site and Executive Board had agreed the role of Leeds City Council as developer for the site.  Permission for a similar scheme had been granted in 2018 but this had now expired.  A full application was expected to be submitted in July 2023.


The applicant was invited to address the Panel.


The following was highlighted:


·  There were advanced discussions with a hotel operator and it was expected that a lease would be agreed within the next month.

·  The scheme would include a hotel  development, a council run gym and commercial spaces.

·  The hotel would have 143 rooms over 5 floors and there would be commercial space at the ground floor level with enhanced access to the market hall.

·  The building would be of a traditional detailed brick design with a zinc roof construction.

·  One of the main differences to the previous application was a recessed main entrance which also enhance the entrance to the market.

·  There would be a basement level which would house plant facilities.

·  Ground floor level would have four shop units and the gym.  There would be active frontages  There would also be storage for bicycles and refuse.

·  The first floor would have the hotel bar and restaurant as well as accessible rooms.

·  There would be fewer windows on the rear in comparison with the previous application.

·  The original application had hotel provision on the ground floor.  This would now be used for the gym.


In response to questions and comments, the following was discussed:


·  The plaque at the rear of Leeming House would be remounted and be visible from the street.

·  The rear façade of the building would not be visible from most public viewpoints.

·  There had been discussions regarding connection to the Leeds District Heating Network but this was not possible at the moment.

·  There would be a range of carbon reducing measures.  Energy requirements would be 87% from renewable sources on site including photo voltaic panels and air source heat pumps.  The requirements of Policy EN2 would be exceeded by over 50%.

·  There would be no use of gas at the building.

·  Other energy efficiencies would include efficient glazing, insulation, LED lighting and heat recovery systems.

·  More detailed sustainability information was requested to be submitted with the full planning application.

·  Servicing would be located on George Street.  There were two large lay bys which were currently used by markets at set times.  There would be a further traffic regulation order to improve existing arrangements.

·  Car parking spaces would be re-organised.  There would not be a loss of spaces.

·  Could there be the use of stone to reflect other buildings in the area?  Brick had been choosing as the predominant material and the design would be broken up with features and glazing.

·  Landscaping would mainly be provided through the use of planters.  There was no scope for significant landscaping.

·  There were advanced discussions with an established hotel operator for the lease and it was hoped the application would be submitted next month.

·  There were discussions with market traders about working arrangements with the hotel and the gym.  As part of the consultation it was proposed to place some information in the market.

·  Concern regarding lack of disabled parking.  There were some disabled parking bays on George Street but these were short stay.

·  The planting of street trees would be considered.  Members highlighted landscaping as a priority and the possibility of incorporating a green wall was suggested.

·  The gym needed to be located where it was proposed on the site due to the required operational size.

·  There was a degree of separation between the market and the hotel through design and there were not any bedrooms directly on the back of the market wall.

·  There would not be any plant facilities visible on the roof line.


In response to questions outlined in the report, the following was discussed:


·  Members considered that the proposed use of the site was acceptable in principle.

·  Members broadly considered that the proposed mass and form of the development and its relationship with the surrounding context was acceptable.  There had been some comments regarding the visibility of the gable end.

·  Members requested that the full application be brought back to Panel for consideration


RESOLVED – That the report and presentation be noted.

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