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Director of Public Health Annual Report 2022

To receive a report from the Director of Public Health which presents the 2022 Director of Public Health Annual Report – ‘In Our Shoes’.


The Director of Public Health submitted a report which presented the 2022 Director of Public Health Annual Report – ‘In Our Shoes’.


The following were in attendance:


·  Councillor Fiona Venner, Executive Member for Children’s Social Care and Health Partnerships

·  Councillor David Jenkins, Deputy Executive Member

·  Councillor Dan Cohen, Chair of Children and Families Scrutiny Board

·  Victoria Eaton, Director of Public Health

·  Shona McFarlane, Deputy Director Social Work and Social Care Service

·  Kathryn Ingold, Chief Officer / Consultant in Public Health 

·  Farrah Khan, Chief Officer Family Help, Children and Families Directorate

·  Hannah Lamplugh, Strategy and Influence Lead, Children and Families Directorate

·  Emily Carr, Associate Director Pathway Integration, Leeds Health & Care Partnership


The Chair invited the Deputy Executive Member to provide some introductory comments and then invited the Director of Public Health to introduce the report.


The Board was informed that the “In Our Shoes” report was publicly launched on 20th July at the Health and Wellbeing Board meeting. Progress against the recommendations reflected in this report will be shared in the next Director of Public Health Annual Report. 


It was also highlighted that the report was submitted to the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) as part of the annual report competition and celebration. The top four reports that stood out as overall good examples included Leeds, with the panel paying tribute to Leeds for giving a powerful snapshot of the inequity of outcomes for children and young people in the city.


The Director of Public Health then gave a brief presentation during the meeting to highlight key aspects from the 2022 annual report. This included a short film sharing individual stories of children and young people in Leeds, which had been produced to accompany the annual report (link to film).


The following areas were also discussed during the Board’s consideration of the report:


·  Selecting the theme of the annual report - the Chair of the Children and Families Scrutiny Board particularly welcomed the decision to focus the 2022 annual report on children and young people and supported the findings and recommendations.

·  Access to healthcare services – the Board acknowledged the recommendation directed to the Leeds Office of the West Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board to ensure health care services are accessible to all children and young people. Members particularly welcomed the focus on 3 key service areas which included dental services; mental health services; and speech, language and communication.

·  Children’s mental health – importance was placed on continuing to work in partnership to improve and protect children’s mental health through the delivery of the Leeds Children and Young People’s Plan and the Future in Mind strategy.  It was noted that these remain a key feature of the Children and Families Scrutiny Board work programme.

·  Neurodiversity– particular reference was made to the support needs of children with neurodiversity either with or without formal diagnoses and the role of the new Neurodiversity Hub as a one-stop shop for neurodivergence information and support for all children, young people and families in Leeds.

·  Exploring incentives to increase the uptake of existing programmes – the Board suggested that the Council explores possible opportunities to offer financial incentives to increase the uptake of existing programmes that support families to make changes to better health.

·  Links to becoming a Marmot city – it was noted that particular importance had been placed on ensuring that children are central to the delivery of work to become a Marmot city in terms of improving housing; planning; mitigating the impacts of poverty; children getting a fair start in life; and ensuring the Thriving Strategy is implemented.

·  Reducing suicide – with regard to the recommendations stemming from the earlier 2017-18 annual report, the Board requested an update on the work being undertaken to reduce suicide in 30–50 year old men.


RESOLVED - That the report, along with Members comments and information requests, be noted.


Supporting documents: