Agenda item

Directors Update - Director of Strategy and Resources

To receive an update from the Director of Strategy and Resources.



The Director of Strategy and Resources, Mariana Pexton, provided an update and presentation to the Committee on how the Directorate continues to respond to the Climate Emergency through the work of individual Service areas. Although responsibility for the Net Zero agenda had moved to the Communities, Housing & Environment (CHE) Directorate, Strategy and Resources maintained a focus on working against climate change through organisational leadership and co-ordinated professional services to support colleagues and delivery of a wide range of front line services to the public.


The Committee received an update on each of the Service areas within the Directorate, which included the following:

Legal & Democratic Services and Financial Services – provide advice and guidance on major developments, ensure meetings and decisions are made in line with the Council’s Net Zero ambitions, advise on Capital and Revenue schemes and ensure schemes are sighted on the Net Zero ambition.

Procurement – ensures procurement processes include sustainability and social value.

Integrated Digital Services (IDS) – instigated the move to Cloud Storage which had a significant impact on the Councils footprint, ensure partners also have strong Net Zero credentials, work to rationalise the software applications utilised by Leeds City Council (LCC), reduce infrastructure and recycle hardware/kit.

Human Resources and Shared Services – to continue to develop the Carbon Literacy Strategy training and to review the Grey Fleet car use policy which commenced prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Strategy and Performance – facilitated the LCC Climate Adaptation and Resilience workshop in December 2022 which led to preparedness for the 2023 heatwave.

Civic Enterprise Leeds (CEL) – with 3000 staff, the service had perhaps the most opportunities to drive carbon reduction:

-  Cleaning/Facilities Management/Passenger Transport – using technology to aid efficient routing and a fleet of electric vehicles.

-  Leeds Building Services – procurement is focused on sustainability and officers are trained to operate new technology.

-  Fleet Services – 24% of the fleet is electric and procurement of electric refuse vehicles.

-  Catering Leeds – A service of 1000 staff, providing meals to schools and residential placements which now include ‘meat free days’ and plant based food alternatives.


During discussions with Members, the following matters were considered:

·  Electric vehicle charging for people with Motability vehicles living in LCC accommodation – this fell within the remit of CHE, but work was ongoing to review the LCC estate.

·  Electric vehicle charging points had been installed at the homes of 21 LCC staff to charge the electric vehicles they used for work.

·  Concerns regarding the impact of wood burners in smoke free zones.

·  Leeds Anchors involvement in the procurement sub group with a focus on net zero.

·  Consideration on how to progress the Carbon literacy training throughout LCC.

·  The Committee was keen to be involved in any future review of the Corporate Travel Plan and grey fleet policy and it was agreed that this issue would be considered by a CEAC Working Group during 2024.


a)  The Committee thanked the Director for attending the Committee and providing an update.

b)  To note the contents of the discussions on the presentation and update.