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20/02710/FU - Cartwright House, Springwell Road, Holbeck, Leeds, LS12 1AX

To receive and consider the attached repot of the Chief Planning Officer regarding an application for the demolition of existing building and construction of a 30 Storey residential development totalling 345 apartments with ancillary commercial space, landscaping and external amenity space - Cartwright House, Springwell Road, Holbeck, Leeds, LS12 1AX.



The report of the Chief Planning Officer presented an application for the demolition of existing building and construction of a 30 Storey residential development totalling 345 apartments with ancillary commercial space, landscaping, and external amenity space at Cartwright House, Springwell Road, Holbeck, Leeds, LS12 1AX.


The application is further to a Position Statement that was reported to Panel on 6th July 2023. Also following an earlier pre-application presentation of the proposals by the applicant at City Plans Panel, presented on 21st November 2019. The scheme presented at pre-application stage differed substantively from the current scheme, being for a block of 24 storeys with a different use of materials.


At the previous meeting on 6th July, members raised a number of concerns in relation to parking, the provision of greenspace and making the development more family orientated. Since then, the application has substantially changed. The development has reduced from 36 storeys to 30 storeys. The planning officer presenting the report, provided the following information:

·  The site lies close to the junction of Whitehall Road, Springwell Road and Springwell Street, which is located in an area of transition just outside the boundary of the designated City Centre. The site is also within the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan.

·  Phase 1 of the development is nearing completion.

·  The number of units has reduced from 400 to 345.

·  To the north of the building is where the children’s play area will be situated.

·  The number of parking spaces has increased to 27. An increase of 9 spaces.

·  At the basement level, cycle spaces are proposed.

·  The swimming pool has been removed from the proposals, as well as a reduction in size of the gym. It is proposed that there is a community / internal play area for families and children and can be accessed at ground floor level. It is intended that the children’s play area will spill out onto the podium level.

·  The proposed 3-bed units all have habitable windows.

·  The units are accessible and comply with Policy H10. The applicant proposes 8 wheelchair accessible units, and the remaining units are adaptable.

·  The reduction in height of the building, has less of an impact on sunlight and daylight. However, it is acknowledged that there will still be an impact. There will be later periods of sunlight in the afternoon as the sun transfers past the building.

·  Pictures were referred to showing the emerging context of the building in relation to its surroundings, and Phase 1 of the development.

·  Wind mitigation measures will be provided in the form of tree sculptures, as well as screens and partitions. The Access Officer has supported the scheme in principal but requires further information regarding wind mitigation.

·  The sky garden will be protected by wind, via use of screens and is child friendly. It is considered that a good level of amenity has been provided both internally and externally.

·  The nearest area of sufficient greenspace is considered to be Holbeck Moor Park, which is approximately 900m away. It was confirmed there is pockets of greenspace before this. Ward Members are looking at preparing a scheme to enhance Holbeck Moor Park.


The planning officer explained that since publication of the report, a number of corrections needed to be amended. Those being reference should be made to SAP EG1-22 in paragraph 38 of the submitted report and reference deleted regarding the draft Tall Building Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), as following consultation, the Local Authority have decided not to take this SPD forward.


The planning officer considers a number of positive amendments that have been made to the proposals, and a reduction in visual impact has been improved. The development is now more family orientated and provided additional car parking spaces, as well as greenspace contributions with ideas on how they can be spent.


Further to questions from Panel Members, the following was confirmed:

·  Wind mitigation measures in phases may not be required and will be assessed as the development progresses.

·  There will be fixed children’s play equipment in external areas, and it was confirmed that the internal area will not end up as an ‘empty room’.

·  There is not a minimum requirement of car parking spaces in this location. Cycle provision has also been provided.


Comments from Panel Members included:

·  Whilst members would like to see further parking provision provided, they accepted the level of parking provided in this location.

·  The proposal to downsize the gym, to include a children’s play area is accepted. The positive changes to the development in relation to providing a space for families and young children is welcomed.

·  Clarity to be provided on outdoor spaces for residents, particularly in the summer months and somewhere for residents to sit. A comment was made that limited greenspace for residents has been provided.

·  A member requested that figures be provided in relation to Policy EN1.

·  A suggestion that the lower half of the glass surrounding the gym is frosted, to ensure that privacy is provided for those using it.


A motion was put forward to grant planning permission as per the officer recommendation. This motion was moved and seconded, and the vote was carried. Therefore it was

RESOLVED – To grant planning permission subject to the conditions set out in the report.


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