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Lifelong Learning Update

To receive and consider the attached report of the Lifelong Learning Centre which introduces a verbal update about Lifelong Learning services and where possible information specific to the Outer West Wards.



Esther Bissell and Fiona Chapel (Leeds University Community and Partnerships Team) attended the meeting, and provided the Outer West Community Committee with a PowerPoint presentation including the following information:

  • What the centre offer and the learning opportunities available to adults to undertake courses and a degree, particularly those who haven’t been provided with similar opportunities in their life.
  • The centre run their own degrees and courses, as well as providing pre-entry support.
  • Esther and Fiona work in the Community and Partnership Team and provide useful advice to adults around the university and what it can offer. Community engagement aims to widens opportunities for adults to be able to access higher education.
  • Key messages are shared in relation to adults being able to attend university at any stage in their life, and there is no ‘standard’ route for adults to access higher education. Myth busting has been undertaken around entry requirements, such as not needing a lot of A-Levels and GCSEs.
  • The centre is keen to continue working with community groups to get them onboard and provide relevant taster sessions, as well as webinars to help people more informed decisions about higher education opportunities. It was noted that taster sessions are tailored to groups and individuals.
  • The centre has two accredited advice and guidance workers that have a good knowledge of what is going on in the city regarding education and can provide 1:1 advice.
  • An overview of full-time foundation years and part-time foundation years.
  • There is a student volunteering hub at the university.
  • The Jumpstart taster session lasts 8 weeks for people to ‘try out’ university. It was noted that anybody with GCSE’s as highest qualification can attend this course. The centre will also provide people with transport tickets and food to help as much as possible.
  • The centre also works with sixth form and schools.


The Committee discussed the following:

·  The professional studies degree is popular amongst people. However, there is a wide range of courses for people to choose from and once people understand their choices, they’re able to access anything they want to. The centre will guide people towards anything they want to and try and overcome any ‘myths’ and barriers people may think they have.

·  The centre engages through community groups and different networks across the city. The centre is keen to explore further contacts and asked members to provide any contact details for groups and individuals.

·  It is anticipated that there will be changes to lifelong learning entitlement in 2025. However, it was confirmed that funding for adults works in the same way as it does teenagers. Leeds has specific funding options that people may qualify and apply for in terms of childcare etc.

·  Members can get involved by sharing messages on social media and any community groups they are in contact with. This is particularly important for people to be aware that the centre exists and provides people with options they may not know exist.

·  The centre work closely with employment departments in the council and attend job fairs and other similar events. The centre is keen to attend more events and be made aware of any.


The Chair thanked the Community and Partnerships Team for attending the meeting.


RESOLVED – To note the presentation provided by the Community Outreach Team and discussions during consideration of this item.


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