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Application for the Grant of a Premises Licence for Carpatica 2 Ltd, 24 - 26 Tong Road, Farnley, Leeds, LS12 1HX

The report of the Chief Officer Elections and Regulatory requests Members consideration on an application for the grant of a premises licence made by Carpatica 2 Ltd, for 24 - 26 Tong Road, Farnley, Leeds, LS12 1HX, trading as a grocery store.


The report of the Chief Officer (Elections and Regulatory) presented an application for the grant of a premises licence made by Carpatica 2 Ltd, for 24-26 Tong Road, Farnley, Leeds, LS12 1HX, trading as a grocery store.


The following were in attendance for this item:

·  Ian Rushton – Applicant’s Representative

·  Rand Hussain – Proposed Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

·  Rebaz Akram – Director and Applicant


The applicant has applied to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises every day from 07:00 – 00:00.


Representations have been received from responsible authorities, West Yorkshire Police and Environmental Health. The operating schedule has been amended to include measures agreed with West Yorkshire Police and therefore they have withdrawn their representation. Additionally, measures have been agreed with Environmental Health, in that the applicant has agreed to amend their terms of hours to 08:00 – 23:00 Sunday to Thursday and 08:00 – 00:00 Fridays and Saturdays. Therefore, Environmental Health have withdrawn their representation.


The application has also attracted representation from members of the public opposing the application on the grounds of crime and disorder and public nuisance.


The Legal Officer outlined the procedure for the hearing and the Licensing Officer presented the application. The following information was highlighted:

·  The measures agreed with West Yorkshire Police include conditions relating to CCTV, training records and an incident report register.

·  The representation from Environmental Health touch on conditions relating to the opening hours, noise, and litter. Agreements have since been reached and therefore Environmental Health have withdrawn their representation.

·  The representations from members of the public relate to allegations of illicit alcohol and tobacco being sold by the director. Further to this, checks have been carried out by Trading Standards and they have not raised any concerns. Trading Standards and West Yorkshire Police do not raise any additional concern regarding such allegations.


The applicant’s representative informed the Sub-Committee of the following:

·  The applicant intends to run the premises as a small grocery store focusing on European goods, soft drinks and snacks and a place to serve the local community.

·  The business is family run and they have a 10 year lease on the building. Therefore, plan on being around for a long time.

·  Alcohol sales will allow the business to expand and provide an all-round convenience store for the local community.

·  The proposed DPS is waiting on her personal licence.

·  Extra staff will be hired on a part-time basis and the premises will be fully staffed on weekends.

·  There is a CCTV system already in place at the premises. 6 cameras are situated inside the premises, with 3 cameras situated outside. Recordings will be made available to responsible authorities upon request.

·  Challenge 25 will be enforced.

·  Staff will be regularly trained as part of the condition offer.

·  It is considered that the conditions offered are comprehensive and promote the licensing objectives.

·  Responsible authorities are not in attendance opposing the application. Trading Standards carried out checks in regard to the alleged accusations and they are satisfied.


Further to questions from Sub-Committee Members, the following was confirmed:

·  The premises will carry out challenge 25 and ask anybody who appears under that age to provide proof of their age.

·  Footage will be retained for a minimum of 31 days.


In summarising, the applicant’s representative explained that all staff will be trained in promoting the licensing objectives and understanding the various conditions as per the licence. Responsible authorities have withdrawn their representations and members were asked to disregard applying weight on the alleged accusations.


At this point in the meeting, the Sub-Committee moved into private session to deliberate on the application. In reaching its decision, members considered the report of the Chief Officer of Elections and Regulatory, including the written representations opposing the application. The Sub Committee also had regard to the relevant provisions of the Licensing Act 2003, the Guidance issued under Section 182 of the Act and Leeds City Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy. The Sub Committee also considered the oral representations, contributions, and explanations from the applicant and their representative.


RESOLVED – To grant the licence as applied for.


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