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Inner West Community Committee Update Report

The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships brings to members’ attention an update of the work which the Communities Team is engaged in, based on priorities identified by the Community Committee. It also provides opportunities for further questioning, or to request a more detailed report on a particular issue.


The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships provided an update to the Community Committee on the work undertaken by the Locality Team on the priorities set out by the Community Committee.


Updates were provided by the Community Committee Champions on the work of the sub-groups:


Children and Families

Cllrs Gruen and Bithell explained to the Committee that they would like to change the way the sub-group work to create more outcomes by requesting work items from the Committee. It was the view that in previous years the sub-group had worked well in networking meetings and although, discussions were taking place they were not having the desired impact on the lives of the young people that were expected in terms of actions. The sub-group wished to see more positive actions from the meetings. The Community Committee review makes use of the sub-groups for best practice. The following proposals for work to be undertaken by the sub-group were provided by the Members:

·  Look at housing and how it impacts on the lives of children’s education.

·  Changes to the priority award system, with special weight and a speeding up of the process. It was noted that there was already an issue with Band A as you could not be deemed homeless if living in an overcrowded property. It is known that some children are currently ‘sofa surfing’ and this would have a detrimental effect on their education and health.

·  Bus services for young people, and the local provision, as this is the primary mode of transport for young people.

·  It was noted that Bramley and Stanningley Ward has the most visits to Accident and Emergency for children with respiratory conditions and this needed to be addressed. It was the view that this should be looked at in conjunction with work taking place in the Environment sub-group looking at air pollution in the Inner West area.



Cllr Rontree informed the Committee that the sub-group had a good briefing from the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Team. They were advised that in the New Year bin routes would be changing to suit the current needs of the city. It was noted that green and black bins would be collected alternate weeks in future.


Health and Wellbeing

Cllr Ritchie said that he would be willing to link into the work with Children and Young People sub-group on respiratory issues.


He said that the vaccine program was ongoing.


He informed the Committee about the Community Mental Health Programme which was becoming a single point access. This would ease access to the different services so that people could be directed to the most appropriate service for their care.


The Bramley, Wortley and Middleton Care Partnership and the West Leeds Care Partnership had been looking at childhood obesity and providing cooking classes. They had also been looking at the cost of living crisis and the effects on people’s health. They were providing signposts to services and schemes to support them. He said that he would send Members the newsletter.


Cllr Andy Parnham updated the Committee on the work taking place at the New Wortley Community Centre where £600 pounds had been used to provide slow cookers for families in most need of support. He also said that 2 support workers had been funded to assist the current support worker and this was working well.


The Neighbourhood Improvement Team along with Cllr Harland the Executive Member for Communities had visited Armley Town Street and the Armley Hub. It had been underlined that the area should not have cuts to funding and services. He said that it had been good to welcome senior offices and let them what assistance Armley needed.


Cllr McKenna advised the Members of a scheme at the New Wortley Community Centre to provide the most vulnerable families with hampers which also included fuel vouchers. He asked Members for any support that they could give for this scheme.


Community Safety 

Cllr Hinchcliffe informed the Committee of a scheme being undertaken by West Yorkshire Police for ‘No Cold Calling Zones’. It was noted that this is a free service and it easy to set up. Cllr Hinchcliffe said anyone wishing to set up this scheme should contact him via email.


It was noted that Burnsall Croft were having issues with anti-social behaviour.


Cllr Gruen said the Children’s Summit had gone well and thanked the Locality Officer for his support on the day.


The Committee acknowledged the tragic accident which had happened in Armley the day before. It was noted that this was the second tragic accident on this stretch of road this year. Both accidents had involved the demolition of bus stops and deaths of people waiting at the bus stops. It was suggested that West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) be invited to attend a meeting.


It was noted that the Armley Ward Councillors had contacted senior officers in the Council and Alison Lowe, WYCA Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, in relation to their concerns on this stretch road. It was recognised that after the first accident Ward Councillors had been told that speed cameras would be put on this stretch of road by the end of summer. Ward Councillors had been advised that cameras would not now be installed until the end of the financial year. It was suggested that a letter be sent from the Chair and the Community Committee to WYCA and Highways of the issues on Stanningley Road.


Cllr Venner joined the meeting at 6.35 at the end of this item.

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