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Executive Board (Access to Information Appeals Committee)

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Purpose of committee

All meetings of the Executive Board (Access to Information Appeals Committee) are open to the public, except where certain parts of an agenda contain confidential or exempt information.  In these circumstances the Committee may choose to treat that part of the meeting as a ‘private meeting’ by excluding the public.  The Committee may also exclude a member of the public in order to maintain orderly conduct or prevent misbehaviour at a meeting.


Five clear days before each meeting details of the agenda items to be considered and the associated reports will be published on this website.  If any of these items contain confidential or exempt information this will be made clear in the agenda, and the reasons for the restriction will be explained.  If any representations have been received about why the meeting should be open to the public, these will be detailed in the covering report for that item of business, along with the response to any such representations.


Please note, the papers relating to the Access to Information Appeal held on 17th January 2006 can be found within the Executive Board records for that same year.  Please click here to access a link to the agenda, report and minutes for this appeal.