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Outcome of statutory notice to expand East SILC - John Jamieson from 2020

16/01/2020 - Outcome of statutory notice on the expansion of East SILC – John Jamieson onto two additional sites

Further to Minute No. 75, 18th September 2019, the Director of Children and Families submitted a report detailing a proposal brought forward to meet the Local Authority’s duty to ensure a sufficiency of learning places including provision for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Specifically, the submitted report presented the outcome of a Statutory Notice regarding a proposal to expand generic specialist school provision at East Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (SILC) – John Jamieson to 400 places by expanding onto two new additional sites, creating an additional 150 places: 50 primary places at the Oakwood building and 100 secondary places at the former Shakespeare site.



(a)  That the proposal to permanently expand specialist provision at East SILC – John Jamieson to 400 places, expanding onto two new additional sites: the former Shakespeare primary school and the Oakwood building, with effect from January 2020, be approved;


(b)  That it be noted that the implementation of the proposals is subject to funding being agreed based upon the outcome of further detailed design work, as indicated at section 4.4.1 of the submitted report;


(c)  That the recommendation to exempt the resolutions (a) – (d) from Call In for the reasons as set out at paragraph 4.5.2 of the submitted report, be approved;


(d)  That it be noted that the responsible officer for the implementation of such matters is the Head of Learning Systems.


(The Council’s Executive and Decision Making Procedure Rules state that a decision may be declared as being exempt from the Call In process by the decision taker if it is considered that any delay would seriously prejudice the Council’s, or the public’s interests. In line with this, the resolutions above were exempted from the Call In process, as per resolution (c) above, and for the reasons as detailed within section 4.5.2 of the submitted report)