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City Wide Highways & Waste Emergency Traffic Regulation Order to Assist Waste and Recycling Collections

16/01/2020 - Experimental Traffic Regulation Order to Facilitate the Unobstructed Passage of Waste Collection Vehicles

The Director of City Development and the Director of Communities and Environment submitted a joint report which set out key considerations for the principle of introducing an experimental citywide Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to facilitate the safe passage of vehicles, primarily refuse wagons, at locations where access was currently a regular problem.


Responding to a Member’s enquiry, the Board was assured that TRO restrictions would only be put in place on highways where Ward Members were supportive of such action, and due to the experimental nature of the TRO, it would allow the restrictions to be amended if appropriate, for example, in response to feedback received from Ward Members.


Members also received further information regarding the use and provision of experimental TROs.



(a)  That the contents of the submitted report be noted;


(b)  That the principle to introduce an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order to address obstructive and indiscriminative parking at numerous locations across the Leeds district, be approved, with a view to introducing various waiting restrictions to aid and facilitate the Council’s safe and timely collection of household kerbside waste;


(c)  That the following be noted:-

(i)  The design and implementation of the scheme is programmed to commence in January 2020, with completion by May 2020; and

(ii)  That the Chief Officer of Highways and Transportation will be responsible for the implementation of such matters.