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Community Asset Transfer of St Matthew's Church to Holbeck Elderly Aid (HEA)

16/01/2020 - Community Asset Transfer of St. Matthew's Community Centre to 'Holbeck Together' (Previously known as 'Holbeck Elderly Aid')

The Director of City Development and the Director of Communities and Environment submitted a joint report which sought approval for the Community Asset Transfer of St Matthew’s Community Centre to ‘Holbeck Together’ by way of a 6 year lease alongside an agreement to lease for a longer term period, subject to the future submission and approval of a business plan.



(a)  That the principle of a Community Asset Transfer of St. Matthew’s Community Centre in Holbeck to ‘Holbeck Together’, be agreed, subject to the conditions precedent, as outlined in paragraph 3.4 of the submitted report being satisfied;


(b)  That following the approval of resolution (a) above, a 6 year lease to ‘Holbeck Together’ as an interim proposal, be agreed;


(c)  That the necessary authority be delegated to the Director of City Development to enable the Director to finalise the terms of the lease arrangements to ‘Holbeck Together’ for both the 6 year and longer term lease, as well as the agreement to lease;


(d)  That it be noted that the Chief Officer, Asset Management and Regeneration will be responsible for ensuring that the resolutions arising from the submitted report are implemented;


(e)  That revenue funding to ‘Holbeck Together’ (formerly known as ‘Holbeck Elderly Aid’) of up to £143,747 over a five year period, to be implemented by the Director of Communities and Environment, be approved.