Issue - decisions

City Centre Park Delivery

10/03/2020 - City Centre Park Delivery

The Director of City Development and Director of Communities and Environment:

(i)  Noted the progress being made on the delivery of the city centre park across both phases.

(ii)  Agreed to the detailed terms of proposed legal agreements between the Council and Vastint as set out in exempt appendix [5] for the maintenance and operation of the park.

(iii)  Agreed that, following consultation with Executive Board members, the Director of City Development (in consultation with the Director of Communities and Environments and Director of Resources and Housing) will make any future decisions on the management and maintenance of the Park, and approved the Council entering into all necessary legal agreements and ancillary documents to facilitate the establishment and future maintenance and operation of the Park.

(iv)  Agreed the proposed next steps on the disposal of Council land at Meadow Lane and for the Director of City Development to determine and implement the disposal as per the principles contained at paragraphs 3.26 to 3.28.

(v)  Requested that a paper is brought to Executive Board on the detailed design of the Meadow Lane green space and Sovereign Square Footbridge.

(vi)  Noted that the Council’s revenue contributions towards the maintenance of the park to Green Flag standards will be approved on an annual basis as part of the budget setting process as per the terms set out in appendix 5, and that the Director of Communities and Environment will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the park.