Issue - decisions

Review of 20mph Zones

17/02/2021 - Review of 20mph Zones

The Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation):

1.  Noted the successful delivery of 20mph speed limits and zones in suitable residential areas in Leeds to meet the ambition set out by Executive Board in March 2018; and

2.  Noted that Executive Board approved an “installation and review” approach to 20mph schemes to enable an accelerated delivery of remaining residential speed limits, and to ensure that resources were targeted at those areas with a demonstrated need; and

3.  Noted that the review detailed in this report has identified 12 areas which require further interventions to achieve the required speed reduction; and

4.  Gave approval to incur expenditure of £252,000 to provide traffic calming in these 12 areas to deliver these works, to be fully funded from savings in the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan programme for 2020/21

5.  Instructed the City Solicitor to advertise notices under the provision of Section 90c of the Highways Act 1980 to provide vertical traffic calming on the scheduled roads, and to note that any objections will be reported to the Chief Officer (Highways & Transportation) for consideration.