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Approval of the updated Leeds Housing Strategy

07/07/2022 - Approval of the updated Leeds Housing Strategy

The Director of Communities, Housing and Environment submitted a report which presented and sought approval of a new strategy for Leeds Housing for the period 2022 to 2027 which had been developed around six key themes. The report noted that the proposed new strategy built upon the previous Housing Strategy (2016 – 2021) and set out the city’s ambitions for housing over the next five years, whilst also reflecting the evolving priorities and changes to legislation which have occurred.


In presenting the report, the Executive Member highlighted how the proposed strategy was built upon its predecessor, but now reflected the evolving challenges currently being faced in this area which the strategy aimed to focus upon via the six key themes within it.


Responding to a Member’s enquiry, the Board received assurance and further detail on the performance monitoring against the key themes of the strategy that would be undertaken, with the key role of the Leeds Housing Strategy Board in this process being emphasised.


Also, the importance of partnership working with colleagues in planning services was highlighted and acknowledged in order to ensure the best outcomes for residents and communities across Leeds.


Similarly, in response to a Member’s comments, the importance of delivering appropriate levels of suitable housing in all communities across Leeds was acknowledged, with further information on the actions being taken in this area being provided, which again included the partnership working arrangements which were in place, as referenced above. 



(a)  That the new Leeds Housing Strategy 2022-2027, as presented at appendix 1 to the submitted report, be approved;


(b)  That it be noted that the Director of Communities, Housing and Environment and the Chief Housing Officer will be accountable for the implementation of the new strategy and overseeing its delivery.