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Day services for younger people living with dementia - contract extension

27/07/2022 - Day services for younger people living with dementia - contract extension

What decision has been taken?

(Set out all necessary decisions to be taken by the decision taker including decisions in relation to exempt information, exemption from call in etc.)


The Director of Adults and Health gave approval for the Council to offer Community Links a three-year extension to the contract ‘Day Services For Younger People With Dementia’ ref: DN252936, to run from 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2025 for the value of £885,564 (total value for three years).


That a variation is applied to the original terms of the contract, for the offer of a contract extension.  This will cover the following provision for inflationary uplift: 

The annual NHS England tariff uplift will apply to the NHS share of the pooled funding, for the duration of the contract extension. For 2022-23, this uplift is 2.4%, and will be applied from 1st April 2022.  This will add £2,688pa. to the previous level of contract funding, as follows, with zero net impact on Council expenditure:




NHS funding contribution, paid to the Council



Leeds City Council contribution



Total contract funding, paid to Community Links




Leeds City Council will not apply uplift within the current financial year to its share of the pooled funding. 

Day services for people with dementia will be included in the Directorate’s annual decision-making process to determine any uplifts to fees and contracts. 

The Commissioning Programme Lead, Dementia will be responsible for the above actions.