Issue - decisions

Approval of Care Plans over 100k

07/02/2024 - Approval of Care Plans over 100k

The Deputy Director approved the contents of a report/checklists regarding care plans in respect of a persons with complex needs. It is considered in the public interest that information contained in the report is exempt from publication as it relates to a vulnerable citizen of the City and the actions and the actions being taken to enable that person to live independently in a safe environment.

A – £160,360.20, with S117 funding.
B – £249,793.97, with CHC funding.
C – £252,870.8?0, with CHC funding.
H – £233,553.52, with CHC funding.
D – £356,368.48, with client contribution. New financial assessment and CHC referral will be made.
W – £166,920.88, with client contribution.
S – £293,451.51, with no other financial contributions.