Issue - decisions

Sheltered Housing Investment Provision.

23/11/2015 - Sheltered Housing Investment Strategy

The Director of Environment and Housing submitted a report providing an update on the Council’s investment strategy into older people’s housing provision across the city, and which sought authorisation to commence a further phase of work in this area.


As part of the introduction to the report, the Board was asked to take into consideration the fact that introductory paragraph 5 of the submitted report should read £12.5m, and not £1.25m, as currently presented.


Responding to an enquiry, the Board received further information on the actions being taken to ensure that a co-ordinated approach was being taken to ensure the effective provision of sheltered housing across the city. In addition, where improvements to properties were proposed, Members emphasised the importance of prior consultation with those affected. Further to this, it was highlighted that a more resident focussed approach was now taken in terms of policies associated with sheltered housing. 



(a)  That the contents of the submitted report be noted, subject to the correction outlined above;


(b)  That approval be given to commence a further phase of work, as identified under the ‘Investment’ section at paragraph 3.7 of the submitted report.