Issue - decisions

Outcome of consultation on Primary Basic Need proposal at Greenside Primary School

23/11/2015 - Outcome of consultation to increase primary school places in Pudsey/Swinnow

Further to Minute No. 41, 23rd September 2015, the Director of Children’s Services, the Deputy Chief Executive and the Director of City Development submitted a joint report presenting details of proposals submitted to meet the local authority’s duty to ensure sufficiency of school places. Specifically, this report described the outcome of consultation regarding proposals to expand primary school provision at Greenside and which sought permission to publish a statutory notice in respect of these proposals.



(a)  That the publication of a Statutory Notice to expand Greenside Primary School from a capacity of 315 pupils to 420 pupils with an increase in the admission number from 45 to 60 with effect from September 2017, be approved;


(b)  That it be noted that the responsible officer for the implementation of such matters is the Capacity Planning and Sufficiency Lead.