Issue - decisions

Leeds City Council - Annual Pedestrian Crossing Review 2017

11/05/2017 - Leeds City Council - Annual Pedestrian Crossing Review 2017

The Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation):

i)  noted the contents and recommendations of this report and the procedures carried out in respect of conducting the annual pedestrian crossing review;

ii)  reviewed and approved the recommendations of the Annual Pedestrian Crossing Review as the basis for the 2017/18 programme for introducing new formal and informal pedestrian crossings; and give authority to commence the detailed design, consultation and implementation of the schemes described in Section 3 of the report and Appendix 2, up to the value of £255,000;

iii)  gave authority to incur expenditure of up to £255,000 inclusive of all works costs, fees and legal costs, which will be funded from the Local Transport Plan Transport Policy Capital Programme £250,000 and Leeds Trinity University £5,000;

iv)  gave authority to display a notice on site under the provisions of Section 23 of the Roads Traffic Regulation Act 1984 in order to inform the public of the proposed pedestrians crossings and the Leeds Trinity University contribution;

v)  gave authority to request the City Solicitor to draft and advertise a Notice under the provisions of Section 90C of the Highways Act 1980 for the implementation of speed tables to complement some of the proposed pedestrian crossings;

 vi)  gave authority to request the City Solicitor to draft, advertise and implement, subject to objections, a Traffic Regulation Order, Movement Order or Speed Limit, where required, to support the proposed pedestrian crossings;

vii)  to receive such other further reports as may be needed to address any objections received to advertised Notices or other matters arising from the detailed scheme proposals; and

viii) agreed the recommendations in respect of the provision of externally funded   crossing facilities.