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Leeds City Region HS2 Connectivity Strategy

18/12/2017 - Leeds City Region HS2 Connectivity Strategy

Further to Minute No. 82, 18th October 2017, the Director of City Development submitted a report providing an update on the work commissioned by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority on the Leeds City Region HS2 Connectivity study, which looked to inform the HS2 Growth Strategy which was to be submitted to Government later in December 2017, whilst also identifying some priorities for the delivery of mass transit within Leeds.


Members highlighted the significant economic impact that the Connectivity Strategy could potentially have both on Leeds and across the city region, and how the strategy needed to ensure that outer lying communities were connected by any future public transport model. Emphasis was also placed upon the significance of the development of the corridor between Leeds and Bradford, with reference being made to the need to ensure that any short term decisions made regarding Leeds-Bradford connectivity did not affect the project in the longer term.


Given the key role being played by Leeds in the development of such matters, the Board highlighted the need to ensure that Elected Members were kept informed of the progress being made in this area. Linked to this, the Board also received information on the recognition which Leeds had recently received for the partnership approach being taken to progress the city’s ambition in terms of future transport provision and connectivity.



(a)  That the principles of the emerging Leeds City Region HS2 Connectivity Strategy, be supported;


(b)  That following resolution (a) (above), the Director of City Development, in consultation with the Leader of the Council, the Executive Member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning and the Director of Resources and Housing, be requested to:-


(i)  Further develop the Council’s input into the Leeds City Region HS2 Connectivity Strategy and to report back to Executive Board around the emerging conclusions of the proposed Inclusive Growth Corridor Plans;


(ii)  Undertake engagement with central Government and city partners on the HS2 Growth Strategy proposals alongside the West Yorkshire Combined Authority ahead of a final strategy being developed;


(iii)  Continue collaboration with partners in order to bring forward the delivery of the Connectivity Vision.