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Leeds City Council Workforce - Becoming More Representative and Inclusive

18/12/2017 - Leeds City Council Workforce - Inclusion and Diversity Training

The Director of Resources and Housing submitted a report which presented a framework for the refresh and improvement of the Inclusion and Diversity training provision for Leeds City Council employees, an initiative which looked to form part of the Council’s wider work to build a more inclusive workplace.


Responding to a Member’s enquiry, the Board was advised that although the Council had a good track record on such matters, work was ongoing to engage with disabled employees, in order to ensure that there was a greater consistency provided to disabled staff in terms of the provision of reasonable adjustments and also to promote managers’ awareness and understanding of such issues.


RESOLVED – That the refresh of the Council’s Inclusion and Diversity training, as outlined within the submitted report, be approved for the purposes of a Spring 2018 relaunch.