Issue - decisions

Leeds 20 Mph Completion Programme

27/03/2018 - Leeds 20mph Local Areas Speed Limit Programme

The Director of City Development submitted a report which detailed proposals for the final stage of completing a long standing programme of establishing 20mph zones and speed limits in residential areas across Leeds.


The Board discussed the methods and levels of associated enforcement of residential speed limits and 20mph zones. The comments made were acknowledged, with it being highlighted that the comprehensive roll out of such measures were aimed at promoting a long term change in people’s driving habits.


Members also discussed the criteria used to identify 20mph zones and also the use of other traffic calming measures, and with regard to the types of measures used, it was noted that the Council followed Government guidance on such matters.



(a)  That the progress made regarding the establishment of 20mph speed limits and zones in suitable residential areas of Leeds, be noted;


(b)  That the proposals for the completion of schemes at all remaining identified sites for residential 20mph zones and speed limit programmes in Leeds, be approved;


(c)  That approval be given to incur expenditure of £500,000 to complete approximately 90 remaining 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Leeds, to be fully funded from the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan grant;


(d)  That the City Solicitor be instructed to advertise draft speed limit orders as necessary for the completion of this programme, and if no objections are received, to make and seal the orders as advertised;


(e)  That the following be noted:-

(i)   Construction of the scheme is programmed to commence in the spring of 2018 for completion by summer 2019; and

(ii)   That the Chief Officer Highways & Transportation will be responsible for the implementation of such matters.