Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Award Of Contract for an Event Production Contractor for Leeds West Indian Carnival 2022 ref: 56008D5600803/02/202303/02/2023Not for call-in
Award of Contract - Microsoft Power Platform Delivery Specialist ref: 56007D5600702/02/202302/02/2023Not for call-in
Award Of Contract for an Event Production Contractor for Leeds Black Music Festival 2022 ref: 56006D5600602/02/202302/02/2023Not for call-in
Leeds Station Sustainable Travel Gateway Project – Approval to Award Engineering and Construction Contract ref: 56000D5600002/02/202302/02/2023Not for call-in
Hunslet and Riverside Ward – TRO Objection Report ref: 56001D5600102/02/202302/02/2023Not for call-in
Framework Agreement for the provision of transport services via taxi, hackney carriage, minibus and wheelchair accessible vehicles. ref: 56002D5600210/02/2023For consultation
Funding Agreement with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority for the West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme - Revenue & Research Project ref: 55999D5599901/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Partnership Agreement with the Environment Agency for the Yorkshire Natural Flood Management Community of Practice & West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme ref: 55998D5599801/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Approval to Extend the Noise Insulation Contract to 2024 ref: 55997D5599701/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Report to Tender – Yorkshire Highway Alliance Supply of Traffic Sign Poles Contract 2023 ref: 55996D5599601/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Accept UKSPF Funding Agreement 2022-25 ref: 55995D5599501/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Safer Stronger Communities – Homes For Ukraine expansion ref: 55994D5599401/02/202301/02/2023Not for call-in
Call-Off Contract – To support further development of theTransforming Cities Fund (TCF) A61(S) Corridor Improvement Scheme to Outline Business Case (OBC). ref: 55992D5599231/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
LBS Implementation Team ref: 55991D5599131/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
Direct Contract Award – Leeds City Bikes (LCB) Sponsorship ref: 55990D5599031/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
The diversion of Leeds Public Footpath 207 and permissive bridleway under Section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 ref: 55989D5598931/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
Request to extend contract for a 12-month period with Leeds Weekend Care Association (LWCA) for delivery of a weekend targeted short breaks service. The contract commenced on 01/04/2022 and expires on 31/03/2023 with 2 x 12-month extension options av ref: 55988D5598831/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
Call-Off Contract – To support further development of theTransforming Cities Fund (TCF) A639 Corridor Improvement Scheme to Outline Business Case (OBC). ref: 55993D5599331/01/202331/01/2023Not for call-in
Extension of DN192869/9V6C-XSVTXL – Gas Fuelled Domestic Heating – Lot 3 (West) and DN198406/A7VL-87D9E5 - Gas Fuelled Domestic Heating – Outer North West Contracts by 12 months ref: 55987D5598727/01/202327/01/2023Not for call-in
Approval to Award from existing DPS - Garden and Food Waste (DN448278) ref: 55985D5598506/02/202314/02/20230
Authority to procure and award a supply contract for plastic 240lt wheeled bins through a Call Off from ESPO Framework 860-22 ref: 55986D5598606/02/202314/02/20230
Hunslet Hall, Hunslet Hall Road, Leeds, LS11 6UA ref: 55984D5598426/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Land at Wyther Lane, Kirkstall, LS5 3BT ref: 55983D5598326/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Council Housing Growth Programme – Rough Sleepers Accommodation Programme (RSAP) Property Purchases - Batch 8 ref: 55982D5598226/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Variation under Regulation 72 1 (e) to amend end date for contract 25203 for the Supply of Frozen Foods to Leeds City Council ref: 55981D5598126/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Contract award of the Leeds Integrated Community Drug and Alcohol Service ref: 55980D5598026/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Permission to vary & extend contract reference DN371131 Children and Families Bereavement Service with Child Bereavement UK ref: 55979D5597926/01/202326/01/2023Not for call-in
Legible Leeds Wayfinding Extension 2023-2026 – Contract Award ref: 55977D5597725/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Land at Stanks Gardens, Swarcliffe LS15 - Reverter Settlement ref: 55974D5597425/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme 5: Grant to Turning Lives Around ref: 55973D5597325/01/202325/01/2023Not for call-in
Council Tax Support Fund ref: 55976D5597602/02/202302/02/2023Not for call-in
Transfer of Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Grant Funding to Bradford Metropolitan District Council ref: 55972D5597224/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Care Delivery Service – Permission to extend the existing Laundry & Linen service contract ref: 55971D5597124/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Streetscene Grounds Maintenance Contract Extension ref: 55960D5596027/01/202304/02/20230
Adoption of Transport Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and Revocation / Withdrawal of 4 Existing Adopted SPDs It Replaces ref: 55959D5595927/01/202304/02/20230