Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Award of the Community Health & Wellbeing Service Pilot Contract ref: 57519D5751919/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
Section 278 Highway Works Associated with development at Cross Green Lane ref: 57518D5751819/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
Updated City Solicitor sub-delegation scheme ref: 57517D5751719/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
The Making of the Rawdon Neighbourhood Plan ref: 57516D5751618/06/202418/06/2024Not for call-in
Participation in a regional consortium procurement for Library materials conducted by another public body in accordance with CPRs 5.1-5.3 ref: 57514D5751426/06/2024For consultation
Aireborough Leisure Centre Improvements ref: 57515D5751526/06/2024For consultation
Contract Award for the supply of individual and multi portion frozen meals. ref: 57512D5751217/06/202417/06/2024Not for call-in
Whinmoor Fields – Preferred Bidder Selection ref: 57510D5751017/06/202417/06/2024Not for call-in
West Lodge, Rawdon Crematorium, Knott Lane, Leeds, LS19 6JW? ref: 57509D5750917/06/202417/06/2024Not for call-in
Extensions for the Supply of Groceries ref: 57513D5751317/06/202417/06/2024Not for call-in
Authority to Spend for backlog & annual maintenance, and greenspaces capital programmes ref: 57511D5751125/06/2024For consultation
Authority to award new contracts by way of a call-off from the Re-Roofing and Associated Works framework for year 4 (financial year 24/25) (ref 85407) ref: 57508D5750814/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
CITY OF LEEDS TREE PRESERVATION ORDER (NO.53) 2023 - TPO 2023 53 (ALBION HOUSE 41 KENT ROAD PUDSEY LS28 9BB) ref: 57506D5750614/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Request In line with CPR 3.1.7, seeking Authority to Procure a Personal Assistant (PA) Payroll and Managed Bank Account (MBA) Service ref: 57507D5750724/06/2024For consultation
PSDS3c - Decarbonisation of school and corporate buildings ref: 57505D5750521/06/2024For consultation
Leeds Town Hall Partial Refurbishment - Authority to Spend on Stage 2 of a two-stage contract to implement construction ref: 57504D5750421/06/202421/06/2024Not for call-in
Amendment to the Constitution ref: 57502D5750212/06/202412/06/2024Not for call-in
Objection Report – Otley Old Road, Bramhope – 40mph Speed Limit ref: 57500D5750012/06/202412/06/2024Not for call-in
Capacity for Educational Psychology / SENSAP to meet statutory responsibilities - Additional Provision ref: 57501D5750120/06/202428/06/20240
Leeds School Calendar - academic year 2025-2026 ref: 57503D5750320/06/202428/06/20240
Changes to Leaders Executive Arrangements ref: 57498D5749811/06/202411/06/2024Not for call-in
Appointments to Committees, Boards & Panels during the period between the Annual Council Meeting (23rd May 2024) and the first Ordinary Meeting of Council (10th July 2024) ref: 57497D5749711/06/202411/06/2024Not for call-in
Railings at Woodhouse Lane car park - Phase 1 ref: 57496D5749611/06/202411/06/2024Not for call-in
Approval for purchase of plant and equipment to support maintenance and service delivery operations within the Climate Energy and Green Spaces service. ref: 57499D5749919/06/2024For consultation
Re-roofing Works at Aireborough Leisure Centre, The Green, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 9BT ref: 57495D5749510/06/202410/06/2024Not for call-in
Meadow Lane, Holbeck – Deed of Assignment ref: 57494D5749407/06/202407/06/2024Not for call-in
Commercial Transfer Agreement – St Peter’s Church of England Primary School to The Leeds Diocesan Learning Trust ref: 57493D5749306/06/202406/06/2024Not for call-in
Authority to novate contracts from the NHS ICB in Leeds to Leeds City Council for the following Community Links mental health accommodation services: Brigid House, Octavia House, Alexander House, East Grange Drive. ref: 57455D5745519/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
Kirkstall Accommodation – Children and Families and Housing Services Use ref: 57417D5741718/06/202418/06/2024Not for call-in
Approval to spend grant funding for additional substance misuse treatment provision in 2024/25 ref: 57401D5740118/06/202418/06/2024Not for call-in
ABCD Community Pathfinder Grant Award and UK Shared Prosperity Fund Report: To seek approval from the Director of Adults and Health to award ABCD Community Pathfinder Grants and UKSPF grants for a combined value of £385,000 ref: 57101D5710106/06/202406/06/2024Not for call-in