Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
The Director of Public Health has approved the return of £126,383 Local Workforce Action Board funding to West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS (via Wakefield CCG) due to the regional post no long hosted by Leeds City Council ref: 52540D5254003/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Extension of contract for a twelve month period with BHA for Equality and Yorkshire Mesmac for the HIV Prevention and Community Testing Services in accordance with Contracts Procedure Rule 21.1 (contract extensions) ref: 52539D5253903/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Request to vary the contract awarded to Leeds Mind for the Mindful Employer Service for additional funding of £37,500 for 12 months under Contract Procedure Rule 21.7. To seek authority to procure a new ‘Mindful Employer’ service. ref: 52538D5253803/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
To seek approval from the Deputy Director of Adults and Health to award grants for the continued delivery of the ABCD Pathfinder sites for a combined value of £125,000. ref: 52537D5253703/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Request to invoke CPR 9.5 to enter into a direct award with HENRY ref: 52536D5253603/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Request to vary the contracts awarded to Health for All for the Breastfeeding Peer Support Service for additional funding of £12,635 for 6 months and to Women's Health Matters for the (YUMS) Can't Wait Strategy - Breastfeeding Service for additional ref: 52535D5253502/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Specialist Dementia Beds at RecoveryHub@South: Award of a two year contract for nursing and physiotherapy services to Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. ref: 52533D5253302/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Enhanced support for vulnerable and marginalised groups to contribute to the city’s Covid-19 response and management of outbreaks ref: 52532D5253202/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Award a call off contract to Telefonica under Crown Commercial Services Network Services (RM3808) Network Services 2 Framework – Lot 6: Mobile voice and data service. ref: 52530D5253002/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Ex-council property (Batley Road) to be acquired by the Council and returned to council housing stock. Capital Scheme number 33103. ref: 52528D5252802/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Public health COVID-19 grant allocation – Rough sleepers ref: 52527D5252702/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
COVID Winter Grants Fund Free School Meal Provision ref: 52534D5253402/12/202002/12/2020Not for call-in
Financial Management Review ref: 52529D5252910/12/2020For consultation
Extension of the Mentally Healthy Leeds Service ref: 52531D5253110/12/2020For consultation
Council Housing Growth Programme – Property Buybacks ref: 52526D5252601/12/202001/12/2020Not for call-in
Tender Acceptance Report for the bulge expansion of Leeds City Academy for September 2020. ref: 52525D5252501/12/202001/12/2020Not for call-in
Approval to Spend request for the Learning Places Programme development of the East Leeds Free School ref: 52524D5252401/12/202001/12/2020Not for call-in
Grant agreement for phase 3E of the Leeds PIPES district heating network ref: 52523D5252330/11/202030/11/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 52522D5252230/11/202030/11/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 52521D5252130/11/202030/11/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 52520D5252030/11/202030/11/2020Not for call-in
Response to Deputation – Middleton Pool ref: 52518D5251830/11/202030/11/2020Not for call-in
Tender for a City Wide Footway Weed Control Contract ref: 52519D5251908/12/2020For consultation
DN462346: Authority to procure specialist contractors to support Leeds Building Services with electrical repairs and servicing to occupied and unoccupied domestic properties in South and East Leeds ref: 52517D5251708/12/2020For consultation
Write Off of Former Tenants Rent Arrears ref: 52516D5251627/11/202027/11/2020Not for call-in
COVID-19 Additional Restrictions Grant Schemes - Discretionary Grant Fund Scheme Two ref: 52515D5251527/11/202027/11/2020Not for call-in
Council Housing Growth Programme – Property Buybacks ref: 52514D5251427/11/202027/11/2020Not for call-in
Approval to award a contract to replace heating systems in 2 high rise blocks with the installation of ground source heat pumps (GSHP). ref: 52513D5251327/11/202027/11/2020Not for call-in
Boston Spa Traffic Regulation Order – Objection Report ref: 52512D5251226/11/202026/11/2020Not for call-in
EV On-Street Residential Charge point Scheme ref: 52511D5251126/11/202026/11/2020Not for call-in
Authority to Spend for Fleet Replacement Programme 2020/21 ref: 52510D5251004/11/202012/12/20200
Approval to direct award a new contract on behalf of the Yorkshire and Humber Public Services Network (YHPSN) to NYnet Ltd (NYnet) for the migration, hosting, support and management of the Govroam national roaming Wi-Fi service ref: 52509D5250925/11/202025/11/2020Not for call-in
Otley Civic Centre, Cross Green, Otley, LS21 1HD ref: 52508D5250825/11/202025/11/2020Not for call-in
GovTech Catalyst funding awards ref: 52507D5250725/11/202025/11/2020Not for call-in
Council Housing Growth Programme – Property Buybacks ref: 52506D5250625/11/202025/11/2020Not for call-in
Morley Towns Fund Accelerated Funding ref: 52505D5250503/12/202003/12/2020Not for call-in
Highway Works Framework Agreement 2021-2025 Authority to Tender ref: 52504D5250402/12/202010/12/20200
Replacement highways and civil engineering digital information management solution ref: 52503D5250302/12/202010/12/20200
Approval to secure additional care home beds as part of Discharge to Assess provision to reduce Covid-19 winter pressures in acute hospital settings. ref: 52501D5250120/11/202020/11/2020Not for call-in
Request to tender for a single contractor for the supply and occasional installation of fixed play equipment ref: 52482D5248220/11/202028/11/2020Call-in expired