Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Coronavirus Act 2020 – Interpretation of Constitution ref: 50772D5077209/04/202009/04/2020Not for call-in
Authority to spend development funding for RIBA Stage 3b concept design activities and enter into a contract with Network Rail to complete specialist tasks necessary to ensure effective completion of this work package to support the TCF scheme of Lee ref: 50770D5077008/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
Renewal of contract A28G-VM7XAI for servicing of existing cardio vascular and strength equipment ref: 50769D5076908/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
Local Transport Plan Integrated Programme 2020/21 ref: 50768D5076808/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
Third Sector Infrastructure Support Fund Grant Allocation for 2020/2021 Voluntary Action Leeds ref: 50767D5076708/04/202008/04/2020Not for call-in
To waive CPRs 8.1 and 8.2 and appoint Nutwell to provide body scoops for use in the temporary mortuary facility at Waterside Industrial Park ref: 50766D5076607/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
CityConnect Phase 3: Clay Pit Lane - Exercise of Statutory Powers including Traffic Regulation Order Advertisement and creation of Cycle Tracks ref: 50763D5076307/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
Annual Review of Fees and Charges for Various Highway Functions and Services ref: 50760D5076007/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
Ex-council property to be acquired by the Council and returned to council housing stock. Capital Scheme number 33103 ref: 50762D5076207/04/202007/04/2020Not for call-in
Waiver of CPRs 9.1 & 9.2 to invite a single tender from and to appoint Airedale Catering Equipment Ltd to provide and install bespoke chiller/freezer rooms and associated equipment in an industrial unit at Waterside Industrial Park ref: 50765D5076531/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Authorise expenditure of £800,000 from existing cost centre code 85014 299 00 on the proposed manufacture, supply and installation of bespoke equipment to form a temporary mortuary facility at Waterside Industrial Park ref: 50761D5076131/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Coronavirus Expenditure ref: 50759D5075906/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
Highways Infrastructure Maintenance Programmes 2020-21 ref: 50764D5076417/04/2020For consultation
Overarching pandemic approval of special urgency ref: 50757D5075706/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval to award contracts for the provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and corporate workwear. ref: 50755D5075506/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Director of Communities and Environment Sub-delegation scheme ref: 50754D5075406/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
Traffic Management Capital Programme 2020/21 ref: 50756D5075616/04/2020For consultation
Request to award COVID-19 response Grant funding support for the Tier 2 Hub community organisations to the Neighbourhood Networks to support the 33 Wards of Leeds at a total value of £165,000 / £5,000 per Ward ref: 50753D5075303/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Provision of highway access measures to benefit disabled residents ref: 50752D5075203/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Improvement Partnership with Stoke-on-Trent City Council ref: 50751D5075103/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report for S278 Highway Works Associated with Residential Development On Land at Knowsthorpe Crescent/Cross Green Lane, LS9 0DG ref: 50750D5075003/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Street Café Licence in Leeds City Centre – El Gato Negro – 34-35 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JL ref: 50749D5074903/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Authority to award a contract for the delivery of public health funeral services ref: 50748D5074803/04/202003/04/2020Not for call-in
Proposed changes to Classified Road Network – A6029 Rein Road ref: 50746D5074602/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
Street Café Licence in Leeds City Centre – Craft Asylum #2 – 26 East Parade, Leeds, LS1 5BW ref: 50745D5074502/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
Street Café Layout plan for Greek Street in Leeds City Centre ref: 50744D5074402/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) 8.1 and 8.2 and approval to enter into a contract with ThirdSpace Ltd, for managed and support services of Forefront Identity Management (FIM) solution ref: 50742D5074202/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval to appoint external consultants for specialist technical advisory services for housing high rise District Heating Clusters ref: 50741D5074102/04/202002/04/2020Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules 8 .1 and 8.2- Intermediate Value Procurements to award a contract direct to Link Maker Systems Ltd for the Link Maker Matching Licence ref: 50740D5074001/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 50739D5073901/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 50738D5073801/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
Approval of Care Plan over £100k ref: 50737D5073701/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules 9.1 and 9.2- High Value procurements to award a consultancy contract to Dave Basker Social Work Services Ltd for additional capacity to implement Family Valued ref: 50736D5073601/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in
Beeston Community Hub ref: 50735D5073531/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Approval to Enter into a Pre-Construction Services Delivery Agreement (PCSDA) to deliver General Needs and Extra Care Housing at Throstle Recreation Ground and the Former Middleton Skills Centre sites, Middleton, Leeds ref: 50734D5073431/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Children Looked After ref: 50733D5073331/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) 8.1 and 8.2 and approval to award a contract directly to a provider for the supply of play equipment without seeking competition ref: 50732D5073231/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Leeds Street Lighting PFI, LED Deed of Variation Agreement ref: 50730D5073030/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Permission to go out to tender to procure a digital Alarm Receiving System ref: 50729D5072930/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
The Establishment of Six Nurse Care Management Posts in the Learning Disability Service Funded by the Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group ref: 50727D5072730/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Allocation of £150k funding to the Time for Carers Scheme in 2020/2021 and award of a grant to Carers Leeds for a period of 12 months to deliver the scheme ref: 50726D5072630/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Morley Town Deal ref: 50725D5072530/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Recording of Decisions During Coranavirus Pandemic ref: 50724D5072430/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Land between 216 & 218 Halton Moor Avenue, Leeds (Waterloo Sidings) ref: 50723D5072330/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
The Great Jobs Agenda, Anchor Institutions and the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage ref: 50722D5072230/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Constitutional Amendments ref: 50728D5072830/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Third Sector Mental Health Review & Recommissioning - Community Links, Touchstone, & Catholic Care - Request to extend existing contracts & award new contracts up to 31 March 2022 ref: 50717D5071706/04/202016/04/20200
Annual Fee Review for Externally Commissioned Adult Care Services - 2020-2021 ref: 50718D5071806/04/202015/04/20200
Telecare Transition from Analogue to Digital ref: 50713D5071306/04/202015/04/20200
Leeds Falls Prevention Programme: funding to continue Strength and Balance groups across the city ref: 50711D5071103/04/202011/04/20200
Tender and Award for the Supply of Community Equipment ref: 50709D5070903/04/202011/04/20200
Design and Cost Report - Telecare Equipment for the Leeds Telecare Service 2020-2021 (Scheme 33089) ref: 50708D5070803/04/202015/04/20200
Tender and Award for the Supply of Telecare Equipment ref: 50710D5071003/04/202011/04/20200
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance for the Learning Places permanent expansion at Cockburn John Charles Academy School. ref: 50694D5069401/04/202009/04/2020Call-in expired
Request to approve entering into a cooperation agreement to Leeds Community Healthcare Trust for provision of clinical psychology & speech and language therapy input into the Therapeutic Social Work Team (TSWT) ref: 50697D5069701/04/202009/04/2020Call-in expired
2020/21 FEEE rates and contracts ref: 50695D5069501/04/202009/04/2020Call-in expired
Design and Cost Report in respect of the 2020/21 Children and Families Health & Safety Programme ref: 50688D5068830/03/202007/04/2020Call-in expired
City Centre Park Delivery ref: 50731D5073130/03/202007/04/2020Call-in expired
Leeds Clean Air Charging Zone update ref: 50758D5075806/04/202014/04/20200
Request to waive Contracts Procedure Rules 9.1, 9.2. 8.1 and 8.2 for Family Healthy Living Services – New Contract Arrangements from 1st April 2020. ref: 50496D5049601/04/202001/04/2020Not for call-in