Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Response to Deputation - Lawnswood and Otley Old Road Scheme ref: 48432D4843222/02/201922/02/2019Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules 9 .1 and 9.2 to award a contract to Mondale IT Solutions Ltd (Mondale Events) for delivery of effective conference and event management services on behalf of Children and Families traded services ref: 48430D4843022/02/201922/02/2019Not for call-in
Domestic Violence Team - Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Funding ref: 48431D4843104/03/201912/03/20190
Write Off of Former Tenants Rent Arrears ref: 48428D4842821/02/201921/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval of City Solicitor’s Sub-delegation scheme ref: 48427D4842721/02/201921/02/2019Not for call-in
Sovereign Square Greenspace - Injection to Capital Scheme and Authority to Spend ref: 48426D4842601/03/201909/03/20190
Authority to Spend for the Clean Air Zone ANPR Camera Network and supporting ICT lnfrastructure ref: 48429D4842901/03/2019For consultation
Design and cost report for Cemetery Works and Extensions ref: 48425D4842520/02/201920/02/2019Not for call-in
Contract award for the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) ANPR Camera Network and Supporting ICT Infrastructure ref: 48424D4842420/02/201920/02/2019Not for call-in
Leeds Bradford Airport Red Route Clearway - Objection Report ref: 48423D4842320/02/201920/02/2019Not for call-in
Authority to Spend: Clean Air Charging Zone grant funding awards and interest free loan scheme ref: 48422D4842228/02/2019For consultation
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance Report for the Learning Places expansion of Carr Manor Community School (Primary Phase), Capital Scheme Number: 32655/CAR/000 ref: 48421D4842128/02/201908/03/20190
Air Quality Improvement- Office for Low Emission Vehicles Grant for Electric Charge-Points ref: 48419D4841919/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Market Rent Concession 2019 ref: 48418D4841819/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway Section G – Traffic Regulation Order Advertisement ref: 48417D4841719/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Leeds 20mph Local Areas Speed Limit Programme – Phase 3 Guiseley & Rawdon Objection Report ref: 48416D4841619/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval to use Highways Drainage Maintenance Framework ref: 48415D4841519/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Local Flood Risk Management Strategy ref: 48411D4841113/02/201913/02/2019Not for call-in
Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone update and Infrastructure Delivery ref: 48412D4841213/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Annual Review of Fees and Charges for Various Highway Functions and Services ref: 48413D4841319/02/201919/02/2019Not for call-in
Phase 2 Leeds (River Aire) Flood Alleviation Scheme ref: 48410D4841013/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Leeds Living: Housing Infrastructure Fund Bid ref: 48414D4841413/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Fleet Improvement Plan ref: 48406D4840613/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme: Bradford to Leeds (A647) Bus Priority Corridor ref: 48408D4840813/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Full Fibre Network Programme for Leeds ref: 48405D4840513/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Proposed Heads of Terms for Joint Venture Arrangements between London and Continental Railways and Leeds City Council ref: 48409D4840913/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Design and Cost Report for Proposed new Gym at Middleton Leisure Centre ref: 48407D4840713/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Best Council Plan 2019/20 - 2020/21 ref: 48404D4840413/02/201913/02/2019Not for call-in
Financial Health Monitoring 2018/19 - Month 9 ref: 48403D4840313/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2018-2022 ref: 48400D4840013/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
2019/20 Revenue Budget Proposals; Capital Programme for 2019-2022 and Treasury Management Strategy 2019/20 ref: 48402D4840213/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
North and West Yorkshire Business Rates Pool ref: 48401D4840113/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance Report for the Learning Places expansion of Moor Allerton Hall Primary School ref: 48396D4839613/02/201913/02/2019Not for call-in
Outcome of Statutory Notice to permanently increase learning places at Benton Park Secondary School from September 2021 ref: 48397D4839713/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Locality Working and Priority Neighbourhood Update ref: 48398D4839813/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Long term strategic partnership with Leeds Credit Union ref: 48399D4839913/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Safeguarding Adults Board: Annual Report 2017/18 and Strategic Plan 2016/19 ref: 48394D4839413/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Determination of School Admissions Arrangements for 2020/21 ref: 48395D4839513/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Approval to Tender for Technical Advisor Services for Leeds (River Aire) Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 2 ref: 48420D4842027/02/2019For consultation
FN31 – Standard Charges, Contributions, Rates and Allowances 2019/20 ref: 48392D4839218/02/201918/02/2019Not for call-in
Families First - Earned Autonomy Implementation ref: 48391D4839126/02/201906/03/20190
Two year extension of the Canon PLC Printsmart contract ref: 48393D4839301/03/2019For consultation
Report to seek approval to implement a 12 month extension of the Responsive Drainage Repairs & Maintenance - Leeds City Council East and North East, Contract DN199155 ref: 48390D4839026/02/2019For consultation
Additional temporary staffing capacity to improve outflow from the Community Care Beds and reduce backlogs in line with Care Act 2014 ref: 48297D4829726/02/2019For consultation
To seek approval to waive Contracts Procedure Rule (CPR) 15.2 using the authority set out in CPR 1.3 to amend the quality threshold for the procurement of a ‘Learning from people’s lived experience of safeguarding’ research project to 100% quality ref: 48389D4838915/02/201915/02/2019Not for call-in
To seek approval from the Director of Adults and Health to waive Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) CPRs 9.1 and 9.2 to enter into a new contract with Touchstone for the provision of the Community Support Team (CST) from 1 April 2019 for fourteen month ref: 48388D4838815/02/201915/02/2019Not for call-in
Authority to Procure a Carers Emergency Scheme ref: 48387D4838715/02/201915/02/2019Not for call-in
Guiseley School, Fieldhead Road, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 8DT - Transfer to the Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust ref: 48382D4838215/02/201915/02/2019Not for call-in
To seek approval from the Director of Adults and Health to waive Contract Procedure Rules 9.1 and 9.2 to enter into a new contract with Community Links for the provision of Oakwood Hall from 1 April 2019 for 14 months ref: 48383D4838325/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
A delegated decision is being requested to seek approval to establish a capital expenditure scheme for the refurbishment of Terry Yorath House. ref: 48385D4838525/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Request to invoke Contract Procedure Rule (CPR) 31.1 to waive CPR 13 to award a contract to Black Health Agency for the provision of Leeds Skyline HIV Support Service from 1 April 2019 for 12 months ref: 48384D4838425/02/201923/02/2019Call-in expired
Award of 2019/20 Windows and Doors Call Off for planned works ref: 48381D4838114/02/201914/02/2019Not for call-in
BITMO Responsive and Planned Repairs, Minor Refurbishment Works and Adaptations Contract ref: 48380D4838014/02/201914/02/2019Not for call-in
Supply of Play Area equipment for Lotherton Hall playground ref: 48379D4837914/02/201914/02/2019Not for call-in
Award of contract to BARCA Leeds for delivery of the Youth Inclusion Commission ref: 48378D4837822/02/2019For consultation
Family Healthy Living Programme - new contract arrangements from 1st April 2019 ref: 48374D4837422/02/2019For consultation
Request to extend the existing repairs contracts with Mears in the South and West Areas of the City ref: 48376D4837622/02/2019For consultation
Authority to procure Contractors to carry out the Isolated Rewiring element of the Kitchen and Bathroom replacement programme to Leeds City Council Domestic Properties ref: 48375D4837522/02/2019For consultation
Authority to award the supply of vehicles from the vehicle framework contract ref: 48371D4837113/02/201913/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval of Director of Communities and Environment Sub-delegation scheme ref: 48370D4837013/02/201913/02/2019Not for call-in
Strategic Property Acquisition ref: 48372D4837221/02/201921/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval to waive CPRs 8.1 and 8.2 and implement the initial six-month extension (1st of 2) with Elisian Ltd for the provision and support of the eCase hosted case management system (previously known as MiCase). ref: 48369D4836912/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £299,999.99 per annum ref: 48368D4836812/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £250,000 per annum ref: 48367D4836712/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £250,000 per annum ref: 48366D4836612/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Commercial Transfer Agreement – Bramhope Primary School from Leeds City Council to the Collaborative Learning Trust ref: 48365D4836512/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Counselling in Children’s Centres – Contract Award ref: 48363D4836312/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report for Schools Devolved Formula Capital Budgets 2018/19 & 2019/20 ref: 48364D4836420/02/201928/02/20190
WY Traffic Signal Maintenance - Extension of Contract ref: 48362D4836211/02/201911/02/2019Not for call-in
Street Café Licence - Pret A Manger, Infirmary Street ref: 48361D4836111/02/201911/02/2019Not for call-in
Alwoodley Ward 20mph Zone - Objection Report ref: 48360D4836011/02/201911/02/2019Not for call-in
Declaration of a Bridleway between The Ring Road Shadwell and Winn Moor Lane ref: 48359D4835911/02/201911/02/2019Not for call-in
Additional Disabled Facilities Grant Budget 2018/19 ref: 48358D4835818/02/201926/02/20190
Request to extend contract for Domestic Heating - Materials Provision - DN217570: ref: 48353D4835312/02/201920/02/2019Call-in expired