Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Local Centres Programme – Chapel Allerton Scheme ref: 54599D5459926/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval to waive CPR 8.1 and 8.2 and award a contract to Direct Parts Supply Ltd, trading name Gym-Fit, for the Servicing and Maintenance of Fitness Equipment for 12 months due to the cancellation of the contract with Amazon Leisure. ref: 54598D5459826/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Contract extension for the supply of vehicle body repairs DN444682 ref: 54597D5459726/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Skelton Moor Way Bus Gate and No Waiting At Any Time Traffic Regulation Order ref: 54596D5459626/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Award of contract for consultancy support to the Leeds Relational Practice Centre ref: 54595D5459526/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval to Award - Highway Fencing Maintenance 2021 ref: 54594D5459426/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Designation of the Mabgate, Lincoln Green and Burmantofts Neighbourhood Forum ref: 54593D5459326/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Contract extension for the repair and maintenance of workshop equipment by Calibration and Consultancy Services UK Ltd DN454671 ref: 54592D5459226/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Designation of the Chapeltown Neighbourhood Forum ref: 54591D5459126/10/202126/10/2021Not for call-in
Council Owned Land at Parkway Close and Brooklands Avenue, Seacroft, LS14 ref: 54590D5459025/10/202125/10/2021Not for call-in
Authority to Procure a Contract for the supply of vehicle lubricating oils, greases and anti-freeze for Fleet Services by accessing ESPO framework 109_19 ref: 54589D5458925/10/202125/10/2021Not for call-in
Grant from National Lottery Heritage Fund to support the restoration of the decorative scheme in Victoria Hall ref: 54588D5458825/10/202125/10/2021Not for call-in
Right to Buy Replacement Programme: Leeds Jewish Housing Association - Acquisition and Refurbishment of Two Properties ref: 54587D5458725/10/202125/10/2021Not for call-in
Council Housing Growth Programme - Property Acquisitions (Spen Walk) ref: 54585D5458525/10/202125/10/2021Not for call-in
Housing Estate Redevelopment at Sugar Hill Close & Wordsworth Drive, Oulton ref: 54581D5458120/10/202130/10/20210
Gambling Act 2005 - Statement of Licensing Policy ref: 54583D5458320/10/202120/10/2021Not for call-in
Financial Health Monitoring 2021/22 - August (Month 5) ref: 54584D5458420/10/202130/10/20210
Leeds 2030: Shaping Our Best City Ambition ref: 54582D5458220/10/202130/10/20210
Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy and Action Plan ref: 54580D5458020/10/202130/10/20210
Annual Update on Migration Activity in Leeds ref: 54579D5457920/10/202130/10/20210
Update on Thriving: The Child Poverty Strategy for Leeds ref: 54578D5457820/10/202130/10/20210
Authority to Procure a Contract for the Supply of Vehicle Parts for Fleet Services Repairs and Maintenance ref: 54586D5458602/11/2021For consultation
New posts for Strategy and Investment ref: 54576D5457622/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value between £100,000 and £500,000 per annum ref: 54575D5457522/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value between £100,000 and £500,000 per annum ref: 54574D5457422/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value between £100,000 and £500,000 per annum ref: 54573D5457322/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value between £100,000 and £500,000 per annum ref: 54572D5457222/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Extension to Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Phase 1b ref: 54577D5457722/10/202122/10/2021Not for call-in
Horsforth Footpath No. 50 Diversion Order ref: 54571D5457121/10/202121/10/2021Not for call-in
Authority to procure signage installation services ref: 54570D5457021/10/202121/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval to award a contract using Contract Procedure Rule 9.5 for the implementation of a Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution (PAMMS) for a consortium of Yorkshire and Humber Local Authority Adult Social Care Directorates ref: 54569D5456920/10/202120/10/2021Not for call-in
Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme: Corn Exchange Gateway Traffic Regulation Order Objection Report to the Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation) ref: 54568D5456820/10/202120/10/2021Not for call-in
Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme: Amendment to New Briggate Element of the Headrow Gateway Scheme ref: 54567D5456719/10/202119/10/2021Not for call-in
Procurement of contract for collection of traffic penalty debts ref: 54565D5456527/10/2021For consultation
Extension of the Canon (UK) Limited Managed Print Service contract. ref: 54564D5456418/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
This report is to seek approval to extend the Gas Fuelled Domestic Heating contracts for an additional 24 months on Lot 1 South Leeds (expiring 1st April 2022) and an additional 21 months on Lot 2 East Leeds (expiring 30th June 2022) ref: 54562D5456218/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
Objection report for traffic calming measure on Cemetery Road as part of the Pudsey Walking & Cycling scheme ref: 54561D5456118/10/202118/10/2021Not for call-in
Design and Cost Report for Replacement Wheeled Bins and Glass Recycling Banks ref: 54563D5456326/10/202104/11/20210
To conduct a further competition under the ESPO 319_9 (Employee Benefits) Framework Lot 6 Car Leasing to select a ULEV lease car provider ref: 54560D5456015/10/202115/10/2021Not for call-in
Request for authority to procure a counselling and therapy service for women in line with Contract Procedure Rule 3.1.6, subject to Schedule 7, Paragraph 27 of the Equality Act 2010. ref: 54559D5455914/10/202114/10/2021Not for call-in
Seeking approval to procure a contract for sub-contractors to deliver housing painting and decorating works to occupied and unoccupied properties. ref: 54558D5455822/10/202130/10/20210
Changes to Provision of Swimming Lessons ref: 54557D5455713/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
Gym refurbishment and purchase of gym equipment for Pudsey Leisure Centre ref: 54556D5455613/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
Rough Sleeper Initiative Fund - targeted support for people who are rough sleeping and / or begging. Request for approval to provide funds to Barca-Leeds for 4 navigator posts, 1 trainee navigator post, and 1 team leader post. ref: 54555D5455513/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
Seasonal Bedding and Floral Decorations ref: 54554D5455413/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
Approval of the Chief Officer, Financial Services Sub-Delegation Scheme ref: 54553D5455313/10/202113/10/2021Not for call-in
DN466502 Authority to undertake a procurement exercise in line with CPR 3.1.6 for the appointment of contractors to carry out Windows, Doors and Glazing to domestic properties and civic estates. ref: 54552D5455220/10/202128/10/20210
Acquisition of Mines & Minerals Interests in East Leeds ref: 54547D5454719/10/202127/10/20210
Decisions associated with providing school to school support through the Leeds Learning Partnership (LLP) for the period 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2026 ref: 54546D5454615/10/202123/10/2021Call-in expired
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance for the Learning Places Programme project to form the West Oaks School 'Headingley Learning' facility at Buckingham Road ref: 54543D5454313/10/202121/10/2021Call-in expired