Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
DN228723: Demolition Services Framework Extension ref: 53993D5399314/04/202114/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Director of City Development’s Sub-Delegation Scheme ref: 53992D5399214/04/202114/04/2021Not for call-in
The Chief Officer Elections and Regulatory approved the decision to issue taxi and private hire vehicle licences for an additional period of 3 months without a vehicle inspection, to allow the inspection to take place, under reduced Covid staffing ar ref: 53991D5399114/04/202114/04/2021Not for call-in
Section 116 Highways Act 1980 – Stopping Up Order – Meadow Lane, Hunslet, Leeds. ref: 53990D5399014/04/202114/04/2021Not for call-in
The Live Webcasting of Funeral Services ref: 53989D5398913/04/202113/04/2021Not for call-in
Record of Decisions – Housing Advisory Panels – 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 ref: 53987D5398713/04/202113/04/2021Not for call-in
Tender Evaluation report and proposed Contract Award – Responsive Repairs, Voids & Cyclical Maintenance - West ref: 53985D5398513/04/202113/04/2021Not for call-in
Street Lane Recreation Ground, Gildersome – New Floodlit Multi Use Games Area and link path ref: 53988D5398831/03/202131/03/2021Not for call-in
Procurement Strategy Report in connection with the provision of Metering and Billing Services ref: 53986D5398621/04/2021For consultation
To seek approval for the proposed funding and delivery arrangements for the use of a 9 bed building in Kirkstall for supported accommodation. This will enable the Council to increase the amount of move on accommodation available as emergency accommod ref: 53984D5398412/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
Commence a procurement and direct award a call off contract to Telefonica under Crown Commercial Services Network Services (RM3808) Network Services 2 Framework – Lot 6: Mobile voice and data service for the supply of iPads, Protection cases, Maas 36 ref: 53983D5398312/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
Supply of Agency workers to Leeds City Council – Approval to Procure ref: 53982D5398212/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval to use Regulation 72 (1) (c) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to modify the Council’s current contract with ESRI UK Ltd for software licensing and support & maintenance of the Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) ref: 53981D5398112/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
City of Leeds Tree Preservation Order (No.9) 2020 Grey Gables, Gledhow. LS8 ref: 53980D5398012/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval to administer the Waking Watch Relief Fund in Leeds ref: 53978D5397812/04/202112/04/2021Not for call-in
DN527681 (previously DN465697) - Authority to procure specialist contractors to support Leeds Building Services with the delivery of multi trade responsive repairs and planned schemes to non-housing properties ref: 53979D5397920/04/2021For consultation
Approval of Director Sub-Delegation Scheme 2021-2022 ref: 53977D5397709/04/202109/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Director Sub-Delegation Scheme 2021-2022 ref: 53976D5397609/04/202109/04/2021Not for call-in
Allerton Grange Permanent Expansion Tender Acceptance and Agreement to Proceed with Deed of Variation to Existing PFI Contract ref: 53975D5397509/04/202109/04/2021Not for call-in
COVID-19 Business Support Package: Expanded Business Rates Retail Discount and Nursery Discount Scheme 2021/22 ref: 53974D5397408/04/202108/04/2021Not for call-in
COVID-19 Business Support Package - Restart Grants ref: 53973D5397308/04/202108/04/2021Not for call-in
Award of a new contract for Support & Maintenance of Kaarbontech GullySMART - Data Collection Software – Gully Inspection System. ref: 53972D5397208/04/202108/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval to Extend the Yorkshire Highway Alliance Supply of Traffic Sign Poles Contract 2019 – 2021 (Extendable to 2023) ref: 53971D5397108/04/202108/04/2021Not for call-in
Requests for Temporary Pavement Licence ref: 53970D5397007/04/202107/04/2021Not for call-in
Transforming Cities Fund: Holbeck Gateway Phase 1 ref: 53969D5396914/04/2021For consultation
Annual Review of Fees and Charges for Various Highways Functions and Services ref: 53968D5396801/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Conversion of Clean Air Zone Cameras into Bus Priority Enforcement Cameras ref: 53967D5396701/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Local Transport Plan Integrated Programme 2021/22 ref: 53966D5396601/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Letter of intent – Laurence Calvert Academy Temporary site ref: 53965D5396501/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Authorisation to procure a Framework Agreement in accordance with Contract Procedure Rule 3.1.6 for the Supply of Teachers and Educational Staff for Leeds maintained schools with effect from 1st August 2021 for a period of 3 years with a 1 x 12 mo ref: 53964D5396401/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Door to Door Community Transport Service Project – Funding Injection and approval to spend to develop the scheme from FBC+, operating and evaluating a pilot in the south of the city ref: 53963D5396301/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Council House Growth Programme: award of the construction to deliver newbuild council homes at Tarnside Drive (including Mardale Crescent), Seacroft ref: 53962D5396201/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
CCTV Monitoring of Parks & Countryside ref: 53961D5396101/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Bereavement Services Charges – 1st April 2021 ref: 53960D5396001/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Creation Agreement for a Footpath Between The Poplars and The Birches, Bramhope ref: 53959D5395901/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Director of City Development’s Sub-Delegation Scheme ref: 53958D5395801/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Leader’s Executive Arrangements ref: 53957D5395701/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Extinguishment of Part of Leeds Footpath No. 205 and the Declaration of an Alternative route ref: 53956D5395601/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Waiver of Contracts Procedure Rules No 8.1 and 8.2 (Intermediate Value Procurements) to award Reveal Media for the purchase of personal bodycams and supporting hardware for Taxi & Private Hire Licensing ref: 53955D5395501/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Director of Communities, Environment & Housing ref: 53954D5395401/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Chief Officer - Financial Services Sub-delegation Scheme ref: 53953D5395301/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Appointments to Outside Bodies – The Lord Mayor of Leeds Appeals Fund ref: 53952D5395201/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of City Solicitor Sub-delegation Scheme ref: 53951D5395101/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Approval of Director of Resources Sub-delegation Scheme ref: 53950D5395001/04/202101/04/2021Not for call-in
Boar Lane Enabling Works (Western End) ref: 52951D5295112/04/202120/04/20210
Traffic Signal Operation at Standalone Crossings ref: 52949D5294912/04/202120/04/20210
Highways Infrastructure Maintenance Programmes 2021-22 ref: 52950D5295012/04/202120/04/20210
Report seeking authority to extend the BITMO Gas Servicing and repairs contract for 2 years until 31st March 2024 ref: 52942D5294209/04/202117/04/20210
Adults and Health Third Sector Grants Schedule 2021/2022 ref: 52939D5293909/04/202117/04/20210
Adults & Health Recurrent Third Sector Cost Savings 2020/21 (older adults and working age adults) ref: 52940D5294009/04/202117/04/20210
Design and Cost Report for the City Wide District Heating Network ref: 52938D5293809/04/202117/04/20210