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Emmerdale Stakeholder Panel


The Emmerdale Stakeholder Panel was established to administer Section 106 funding connected to planning permission for the Emmerdale film set on the Harewood Estate.


Parish councils and community organisations in the locality can apply for financial support towards conservation, repair, improvement or restoration projects linked to historical assets and public rights of way.


Applications are determined by a panel of local representatives at regular meetings.


Emmerdale Section 106 Fund - Guidelines for Applicants:



ln order to qualify for funding, applicants must firstly fall within the Harewood Estate (including Harewood Village), secondly the boundary of Harewood Ward and thirdly the administrative boundary of Leeds City Council. Each category is weighted in order of its proximity to the Emmerdale site.



Eligible projects are those that relate to:


·  Conservation, repair, improvement and restoration of heritage assets and public rights of way which have a Public Benefit; or

·  Open space or recreational projects which have a Public Benefit.


For the avoidance of doubt these projects may include the provision, improvement, restoration, maintenance or repair of buildings which are used for recreational purposes and which have a Public Benefit.



·  Applications for funding will be considered from groups (statutory, community or voluntary which have a bank account in the group's name and can provide salient financial information on request).

·  An application form must be submitted demonstrating experience and/or ability to undertake the project as well clarity on how outcomes will be achieved

·  Grants will not be paid to individuals within a group.

·  Organisations can submit two applications within the same financial year.

·  Funding will not be granted to individuals or to supplement salaries.

·  The group or organisation must be located within the stipulated vicinity of the Emmerdale site.

·  Funding cannot be granted retrospectively. Please submit your application before the money is required.

·  VAT should be factored into all applications for funding. lf VAT registered, organisations will not be able to claim a VAT contribution to their project costs.

·  Applications should be submitted four weeks in advance of the next scheduled meeting of the panel.



If you have any questions or require an application form, please email: emmerdale@leeds.gov.uk


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