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Association of Blind Asians


Association of blind Asians (ABA) is a registered charity (no 296644) working for the welfare of blind and partially sighted Asian people living in the UK.

Established in 1986 ABA has demonstrated that it has a vital role to play in looking after the interests, needs and rights of Asian blind people living in the UK.

Awareness of language, cultural and social needs means that ABA is able to assist members in a sensitive way and so create that vital link in accessing rightful welfare aid. In addition, ABA provides an invaluable network of friendship and support for its members.

The unique aspect of ABA is that it was created, established and run by visually impaired Asians themselves with the active participation of sighted volunteers and sympathisers

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Location: Association of Blind Asians, ABA LEEDS Association of Blind Asians, Touchstone Support Centre, 53-55 Harehills Avenue, Leeds LS8 4EX

Association of Blind Asians
Touchstone Support Centre,
53-55 Harehills Avenue

Phone: 0113 210 3347

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