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Care and Repair (Leeds)


Care & Repair Leeds is the Home Improvement Agency for Leeds and has been running since 1987. It is an independent agency with charitable status, covering the whole of the Leeds Metropolitan District area. The aim of the agency is to give the choice of living independently to everyone, including older people and disabled people. It can help to take the worry out of making changes to the home, and offers a choice of practical, yet flexible solutions, personally tailored to their clients. A dedicated member of staff will visit clients at home to talk about their requirements.


The Agency has won a number of national awards and its Patron is Hilary Benn MP.

Contact information

Ruth Cornelissen, Chief Executive

Care and Repair (Leeds) Ltd
323 Roundhay Road

Phone: 0113 2406009

Website: http://www.care-repair-leeds.org.uk

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Email: enquiries@care-repair-leeds.org.uk

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