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Leeds Civic Arts Guild


The "Leeds Civic Arts Guild" is the 'umbrella' association of various amateur drama, music, opera and other voluntary arts societies & companies, that are based in the centre of Leeds (West Yorkshire), at the Carriageworks theatre. The Guild is a well established organisation, that was previously based in the Leeds Civic Theatre before it's closure in May 2005.

The Officers and Committee members of the Guild Executive are elected annually, and represent the interests of the Leeds Civic Arts Guild member societies. The Guild, and most of it's activities are now based at the Carriageworks theatre, although some groups do perform at additional venues, festivals and events throughout the UK.

Contact information

Mrs E Postill, Hon Secretary

Leeds Civic Arts Guild
c/o Carriageworks Theatre
3 Millennium Square

Website: http://www.lcag.org.uk

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Email: jan.morrell@lcag.org.uk

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