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Assisted Living Leeds (Leeds Community Equipment Service Partnership Board)


The aim of the service is to provide the right equipment quickly to enable people to live independent and inclusive lives.


The Partnership Board was established as a joint committee of the Leeds City Council and the Leeds Primary Care Trust in accordance with Regulation 10(2) of the NHS Bodies and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangement 2000.


The Partnership Board has two main objectives


1  To oversee all of those aspects of the Services included in the Partnership Arrangement and the funding of them

2  To act as a debating forum with respect to all elements of the Service such as training and assessment issues, the involvement of Service Users and Persons Eligible in the development and monitoring of the service.

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Location: 81 Clarence Road, Leeds LS10 1LZ

Liz Ward

Leeds Community Equipment Service Partnership Boar
Adult Social Care
4th Floor West, Merrion House

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