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Leeds Learning Disabilities Partnership Board


In 2001, the government introduced the White Paper Valuing People, because it wanted to make things better for people with learning disabilities. Valuing People focussed on four main things: rights, independence, choice and inclusion. The paper talked about making big changes.


Leeds set up a Learning Disability Partnership Board to make sure that the ideas in Valuing People happened in Leeds. A lot of things have got better but there is still more work to be done.


In June 2018, the Leeds Learning Disability Partnership Board launched its latest strategy. This is called Being Me 2018-21. The goal of this strategy is for Leeds to be the best city to live in for people with learning disabilities.


The job of the Partnership Board is to bring people together to make the strategy happen. People with learning disabilities and family carers decided what should go in the strategy. The Partnership Board

-  Works to help make the things in the Being Me strategy happen.

-  Brings people together to -

·  share ideas and information

·  Improve services so that people with learning disabilities can access and enjoy all the things that Leeds has to offer

-  Supports the relevant priorities of others, including -

·  Leeds Health & Wellbeing Board

·  Transforming Care Programme Board

·  The Being Me Project Team. This team works to provide strengths based social care in the Learning Disability and Transitions Care Management teams.


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