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The Charities of Thomas Wade and others


Wade’s Charity is a charitable trust that operates within the pre-1974 boundary of Leeds City. This is roughly, but not entirely, postcodes LS1 to LS17.


Wade’s Charity has two primary objectives:


  • “providing and maintaining open spaces within the pre-1974 Leeds city boundary, for the benefit and recreation or health of the people of Leeds”
  • “the provision of facilities for recreation, amusement, entertainment and general socialising for people of every age in the City of Leeds including the establishment of what are commonly known as Community Centres and Youth Centres”


Additionally, Wade’s Charity owns a considerable amount of open space within Leeds.  Parks such as Middleton Park and Gotts Park, although leased to Leeds City Council are in fact owned by Wade’s Charity.


The Trustees make cash grants to charitable organisations, ie registered charities.  No grants are made directly to individuals. The majority of grants are given on a “one-off” basis, longer term funding is not the normal practice.

Contact information

Ms K Hodges, Grants Adviser

The Charities of Thomas Wade & Others
69 Holgate Road
YO24 4AA

Website: www.wadescharity.org

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Email: wadescharity@btinternet.com

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