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Yorkshire and Humber Employers Committee


What is it?

The Employers' Committee brings together elected members from the 22 local authorities and four fire and rescue authorities in Yorkshire and Humber.  It also provides the representatives of the Employers' Side of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Council.


How does it work?

Membership is drawn from those authorities that are members of Local Government Yorkshire and Humber.  The Committee consists of 45 representatives elected by the 22 local authorities and four fire and rescue authorities in the region. The Committee reports to the Executive Board of Local Government Yorkshire and Humber on an agreed and regular basis concerning its activities.  The Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee are members of the Executive Board. 


The Committee meets approximately three times per year.


Contact information

Steve Walmsley

Yorks & Humberside Employers Committee
c/o Finance Team
Wakefield One
Burton Street, Wakefield

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