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Moor Allerton Elderly Care


Moor Allerton Elderly Care (MAECare) is a Registered Charity, reg. no. 1100645. It was established by, and at all times is answerable to, Churches Together in Moor Allerton and Shadwell (CTMAS). Its aims are :-

  •  to improve the quality of life of local older people, regardless of religion or belief, race, disability, gender or sexual orientation;
  • Accepts and values each individual member ,volunteer and employee;
  • Acts as a link to existing services and seeks to address unmet demand.


The Management Committee shall consist of not more than 20 people, residing in, or members of churches in, the community of Moor Allerton and Shadwell, and is appointed annually by CTMAS at its AGM. Trustees do not have to be City Councillors, but the Council’s appointee does tend to be a Local Member.

Contact information

Moor Allerton Elderly Care
57 Cranmer Bank
LS17 5JD

Phone: 0113 266 0371

Website: http://www.maecare.org.uk

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Email: info@maecare.org.uk

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