Outside body

Ireland Wood Children's Centre Management Committee




The aim of Ireland Wood Children’s Centre Management Committee is to:


·  Enhance the development and learning of children primarily under statutory school age through the provision of inclusive and integrated full day care


·  Offer a range of services including parent and child groups which reflect the needs of the local community


·  Provide quality play opportunities to children aged 4 – 11 years in out of school and holiday care.


  • Offering appropriate play and learning facilities and training courses with the right of parents to take responsibility for and become involved in the activities of the centre, ensuring that opportunities are offered to all children regardless of race, culture, religion, means, needs or ability.


  • Encouraging the study of the needs of such children and their families and promoting public interest in and recognition of such needs in the local area


  • Instigating and adhering to and furthering the aims of Ireland Wood Children’s Centre.



Contact information

L Parkin, Ireland Wood Children’s Management Centre

Raynel Gardens
Ireland Wood
Leeds LS16 8BW