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Local Housing Advisory Panel - Outer South Area Panel


The Panel is made up of 6 tenants (3 from a registered tenants group), a Board Member and 2 Ward Councillors.


At the first meeting, the Area Panel discussed Terms of Reference, signed up to a Code of Conduct and began to look at ways in which to allocate its budget.


In addition, the Panel will also be:


  • Monitoring its performance, including tenants satisfaction with its services; and
  • Consulted on new policy initiatives being considered by the Board.


The Area Panel is a forum where local residents get to make decisions that affect the services and conditions in their local area.


Members of the Outer South Area Panel


Jean Lancaster (Morley)

Anthony Cartwright (Rothwell)

Jamie Freear (Morley)

Councillor Jack Dunn (Ardsley and Robin Hood Ward)

Councillor Bob Gettings (Morley North Ward)

Tina Fielden (Board Member)


(There are currently 3 vacancies for tenants who are not part of a local tenants or residents group).


Contact information

John Statham

Area Panel - Outer South
Strategic Landlord
Environment and Neighbourhoods
Merrion House

Phone: (0113) 214 1798

Website: http://www.avhleeds.org.uk

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Email: avhleeds.cit@avhleeds.org.uk

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