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Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours' Scheme




Charity No: 1119526


The scheme provides a variety of activities and services to older people aged 60+ living in the Cross Gates and surrounding LS15 districts to promote healthy and independent living and to reduce social isolation.  These include groupwork, advocacy, advice and information and practical support.



Mrs Jennifer Sellars
Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours
Station Road
LS15 7JY


Tel: 0113 260 6565
Email: admin@crossgatesgns.org.uk
Website: www.crossgatesgns.org.uk


Charity Trustees

Councillor William Hyde  - Chair

Mrs Anita Smith - Vice Chair

Mrs Irene Midgley - Treasurer

Mrs Jacqueline Lawrence – Publicity Officer

Mrs Brenda Hunn

Mr Jack Robertson

Mr Douglas Chadwick

Mrs Gillian Patrick

Mr Harry Midgley

Mr Gordon Winstanley


Date of registration

6 June 2007


Governing document

Constitution adopted 26 November 2002 as amended at meetings dated 23 November 2004, 6 December 2005 and 1 May 2007.


Charitable objects

The objectives of the scheme shall be to promote any charitable purpose for:


a) to promote the relief of elderly people in any manner which now or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable in Cross Gates and neighbouring areas in the east of Leeds (hereinafter called "the area of benefit").


b) the advancement of the education of older people in the area of benefit in relation to financial, health, housing and welfare entitlements.


c) the advancement of the education of the public, promotion of research concerning the needs of older people in relation to the provision of support, such as, fuel, heat and light. And the publication of useful results of such research.




General Charitable Purposes
• Disability
• Relief Of Poverty
• Accommodation/Housing


• Elderly/Old People


• Provides Human Resources
• Provides Services
• Provides Advocacy/Advice/Information

Area of benefit

Cross Gates and neighbouring areas in the east of Leeds.


Where the charity operates

Leeds City


Contact information

J Horsfall, Manager

Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours
Station Road
LS15 7JY

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