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Walton Parish Council


The parish of Walton, whilst small, is a thriving close community. Steeped in history and in an area of natural beauty on the border of West and North Yorkshire, this is one of the county’s best kept secrets.

Walton Parish Council exists to serve the needs of everyone in the village.  It consists of unpaid members who are elected every four years to represent all the electors of Walton.  The Parish Council makes decisions for the benefit of the community, working in conjunction with Leeds City Council to get the best deal for local people.  It does so by having meetings every two months commencing January each year at which matters are discussed and decisions made on a wide range of issues affecting the village.  Members of the public are entitled to attend these meetings to observe the proceedings (although they are not allowed to speak during the meetings). 

As a parish, Walton is resolute in preserving the community and its environment for residents and generations to come. In turn, Walton Parish Council has three clear aims:

·  Preserve - Preserve the community as well as the built & natural environment

·  Progress - Review and plan for the changing needs of Walton

·  Produce - Deliver tangible improvements against a parish plan


Details of the current Parish Councillors can be found by clicking on this link.

Contact information

Deborah Marshall
Parish Clerk



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